KnifeHacker: These Global and Furi Knife Deals Are a Cut Above

KnifeHacker: These Global and Furi Knife Deals Are a Cut Above
Image: Global
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Most of us are happy to stick with whatever is included in a cheap cutlery set when it comes to knives. This is fine for some, but if you’re someone who seriously loves cooking, you know how important it is to have a high-grade knife, or two, or ten.

While some fancy knife brands can set you back a few hundred dollars for a single blade, there are a few, like Global and Furi, that offer high-quality cuts at a more reasonable price. Those prices become even more reasonable when they’ve been slashed.

If your love of cooking outweighs the size of your wallet, trying to load up your kitchen with high-grade crookery and appliances can be a bit difficult. However, if you’re patient and willing to do your homework, you can find some great deals on essential kitchen gear.

Even with these considerable discounts, some of these knives are still expensive. If there’s a knife set that you really want to get your hands around, Amazon does let you make purchases with buy-now pay later services like Zip Pay*, which will let you pay back your purchase over time, interest-free.

Here are the best knife deals you can currently pick up, sorted by single blades, block sets and accessories.

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The best single knife deals

Global Fluted Blade Santoku Knife (18cm) – now $109, save $110

Image: Global

If you’re going to buy a single knife from this list of sales, make it this. A Santoku knife is a good alternative for a chef’s or cook’s knife – a great all-rounder blade that can be pretty much used for anything.

The blade of this knife is fluted, which will help to stop food from sticking to it. So if you need to make a lot of cuts, very quickly, you won’t have to break your rhythm to clean the blade.

With a discounted price tag of 50% off, this is an offer you can’t refuse. Start slicing and dicing with your brand new Global Santoku knife here.

Furi Pro Acacia East/West Santoku Knife Set – now $59.95, save $109.95

Image: Furi

If you want to pick up a Santoku knife at a more affordable price, this fluted Furi set is a good alternative to the single Global blade. This cased set includes two of Furi’s East/West Santoku knives – a 17cm blade and a 13cm one.

You can pick up the Furi Pro Acacia East/West Santoku Knife set here.

Global Fluted Cook’s Knife (20cm) – now $125.95, save $73

Image: Global

Picking up your first fancy knife can be a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start. Much like the Santoku knife, a cook’s knife is a good blade to have because of its versatility in the kitchen.

If this is your first high-end blade, it’s a great way to teach yourself proper knife work. If you’re a seasoned cook, you already know exactly handy these things are. Treat this knife right, and you’ll be cooking with it for years to come.

You can pick up Global’s 20cm cook’s knife for 37% off here.

Global Paring Knife (8cm) – now $35.95, save $39

Image: Global

You should own a paring knife. They’re versatile little blades that are great for taking care of fruit and veg, and are just handy to have if you need to make any high-precision work. Like Global’s other product, this paring knife has a lightweight, balanced design to help make your work smooth.

You can buy the Global paring knife for $35.95 here.

Global Classic Boning Knife – now $119.95, save $59

global knife
Image: Global

If you’re someone who cooks a lot of fish, and you live in a constant state of frustration about the giant pain in the arse that are tiny bones, a boning knife is the best investment you could ever make.

Global’s classic boning knife usually sells for $179, but you can currently grab it with a decent $59 discount.

The long blade of this knife is flexible, giving you an extra degree of dexterity when cutting and filleting your meats. Removing those hair-thin bones from a salmon fillet couldn’t be easier. Plus, you can be more subtle with your cuts, so your food doesn’t look like someone trod on it with a work boot when it comes to plate presentation.

You can grab the Global classic boning knife here.

The best knife block set deals

Global Classic Kitchen Knife Set – now $179, save $300

Image: Global

These three Global knives are great kitchen essentials, and the perfect options if you’re looking to make your first fancy knife purchase. Even better is that this Global knife set is currently on sale for $208, down from the usual price of $479.

This set includes three knives:

  • Paring knife (9cm), great for small, precision work and peeling vegetables.
  • Cook’s knife (13cm), a great all-around option when it comes to slicing and dicing.
  • Fluted cook’s knife (20cm), as equally versatile as the previous knife but its fluting will stop food from sticking to it.

The Global Classic Kitchen Knife Set is available here for $179.

Furi Pro Acacia Knife Set – now $113, save $186

Image: Furi

If you’re new to the world of high-grade knives and are looking for a good place to start, this Furi set will give you four essential blades at a fairly affordable price.

This cased knife set includes:

  • Paring knife (9cm)
  • East/West Santoku knife (13cm)
  • Serrated Multi-Purpose knife (15cm)
  • Cook’s knife (20cm)

You can pick up the Furi Pro Acacia knife set for $113, down from $299 here.

Furi Pro Knife Block Set – now $163.49, save $235.51

Image: Furi

Another good set of essential kitchen knives with the added bonus of a stylish wooden block to store them in.

This set includes:

  • Paring Knife (9cm)
  • Utility Knife (15cm)
  • East/West Santoku Knife (17cm)
  • Bread Knife (20cm)

The Furi Pro Knife Set is available for 59% off here.

Global Hiro Knife Block Set – now $347.90, save $607.10

global knife
Image: Global

If you’ve been looking to grab yourself some high-grade cooking knives, but trying to piece together individual essentials has been a bit tricky or straining on your budget, this might be the deal you’ve been looking for. The Global Hiro knife block set usually retails for $955, so you’ll be saving a whopping 63% off with this deal.

It includes six types of Global knives, all of which are great kitchen essentials:

  • Paring Knife (8cm)
  • Utility Knife (11cm)
  • Cook’s Knife (13cm)
  • Vegetable Knife (14cm)
  • Cook’s Knife (20cm)
  • Bread Knife (22cm)

These blades are made from Global’s special CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, which has been developed to stay sharper longer than most other steel, while also being resistant to rust and stains. In other words, this could be the last knife set you buy in a long while.

You can get the Global Hiro knife block set here.

Global Takashi Knife Block Set – now $523.95, save $926

Image: Global

What’s that? Do you want a set that includes all of the knives? Well, this bamboo block includes:

  • Paring Knife (8cm)
  • Straight Paring Knife (10cm)
  • Forged Utility Knife (11cm)
  • Vegetable Knife (14cm)
  • Flexible Boning Knife (16cm)
  • Cook’s Knife (20cm)
  • Bread Knife (22cm)
  • Ceramic Sharpening Rod (22cm)
  • Kitchen Shears (21cm)

This massive Global set usually retails for around $1,450, but you can currently pick it up while saving just over $925. It looks like shipping for this set is slightly delayed, but that discount it’s more than worth the wait.

The best knife accessory deals

Global Minosharp Plus 3 Ceramic Knife Sharpener – now $53.95, save $61

global knife
Image: Global

Ideally, you should be using a whetstone to keep your knives sharp, but a good pull-through sharpener is a much more convenient option.

This Global Minosharp Plus 3 knife sharpener uses three ceramic wheels – coarse, medium and fine – to help bring a sharp edge back to your dull blades. It also cycles water through the wheels, to keep your knife’s temperature cool while also helping to wash the metal shavings from it.

The Global knife sharpener has had $61 shaved off its price tag and is currently on sale for $53.95.

Furi Pro Magnetic Knife Rack (36cm) – now $47, save $42.95

Okay, so this isn’t a Global product, but a good knife rack is a good knife rack.

If you don’t own a knife block, a magnetic wall rack is a great alternative. If counter-space is at a premium, a magnetic rack helps eliminate the chunky knife block from the equation, while offering incredibly easy access.

This rack is silicone-coated, making it scratch resistant, and can hold up to six knives. Compared to throwing your knives into a drawer or an improperly sized knife block, a wall rack is also a better way to care for your knife’s edge. Just make sure it’s properly secured.

You can grab this Furi Pro magnetic knife rack for $47, down from the RRP of $89.95.

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