8 Gifts For Your Coffee-Loving Mate That’ll Give Them That Glorious Rush

8 Gifts For Your Coffee-Loving Mate That’ll Give Them That Glorious Rush
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We’ve all got a friend who loves coffee. Yep, I’m talking about the one who literally cannot – for the life of them – function without a caffeinated beverage coursing through their veins. Unfortunately, I am not that friend. That’s why when I started writing this article, I realised I couldn’t do your coffee-loving mates justice with an I-get-decaf-and-sometimes-hot-chocolates wealth of coffee knowledge. In light of this, I called in my own caffeine-obsessed friend (who also happened to work as a barista for years) to give us some top-tier gift ideas for coffee lovers this Christmas.

From manual coffee grinders to reusable coffee pods, here’s what she recommends for your mates…

The best gifts for coffee lovers

FRISKA Manual Coffee Grinder, $28.99

gifts for coffee loversThis Manual Coffee Grinder is the perfect choice for your coffee enthusiast friends who like to have full control over their coffee grind preference. This is because the hand coffee grinder conical ceramic burr is fully adjustable, and can be set to give your mates a fine or coarse grind. Its portable and durable nature also makes it a winner when it comes to having coffee that isn’t – dare I say – freeze-dried while camping or travelling.

You can buy the FRISKA Manual Coffee Grinder ($28.99) from Amazon here.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker, $44.90

coffee giftsPopular among caffeine-loving communities, the AeroPress baby is a new kind of coffee press that uses a rapid, total immersion brewing process to make smooth, delicious, full-flavoured coffee without bitterness and with low acidity. What’s better? The AeroPress paper Micro filter eliminates grit, meaning the morning clean up before work takes seconds.

You can buy the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker ($44.90) from Amazon here.

Handheld Foam Maker, $21.88

gifts for coffee lovers

With three adjustable whisking speeds, this Handheld Electric Foam Maker will have your milk frothed in seconds, giving it that I-just-went-to-my-local-cafe finishing touch. It’s also USB rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about any pesky battery replacements.

You can buy the Handheld Foam Maker ($21.88) from Amazon here.

Trio Wooden Coffee Tamper Station and Portafilter Holder, $59.95

8 Gifts For Your Coffee-Loving Mate That’ll Give Them That Glorious Rush

If they have a specialist coffee machine already, this is the next best thing. Your mate can store both their tamper, distributor and portafilter in this handy little holder that also doubles as a good place to tamp their coffee in a level position. They’ll thank you for this one later.

You can buy the Trio Wooden Coffee Tamper Station and Portafilter Holder ($59.95) from eBay here.

Electric Latte Art Pen, $10.52

8 Gifts For Your Coffee-Loving Mate That’ll Give Them That Glorious Rush

This Electric Latte Art Pen is by no means an essential, but if you’re already purchasing the Foam Maker, it’s only fitting you grab the pen, so your friend can indulge in the total professional latte look. It’s also a fun novelty item to write cute (or not so cute) coffee messages.

You can buy the Electric Latte Art Pen ($10.52) from eBay here.

Pod Star Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsule – Nespresso, $39.95

gifts for coffee lovers

This Australian-made, zero-waste, refillable coffee pod is the answer to never buying those single-use plastic pods again. All your gift recipient has to do is simply fill the capsule with their favourite ground beans and empty the waste grounds in their garden after. Endlessly reusable, easy to clean and refill, all the while stopping coffee capsules going to landfill. Can it get any better than that?

You can buy the Pod Star Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsules ($39.95) from Biome here.

Frank Green French Press, $59.95

8 Gifts For Your Coffee-Loving Mate That’ll Give Them That Glorious Rush

Frank Green claims this French Press is made for the ultimate coffee connoisseur, which is a big tick in our books. With an integrated stainless steel mesh that ensures your coffee stays deliciously smooth until every last drop, this baby should be at the top of your Christmas ‘to-buy’ list.

You can buy the French Press ($59.95) from Frank Green here.

Gourmet Basket Coffee Lover Hamper, $82

8 Gifts For Your Coffee-Loving Mate That’ll Give Them That Glorious Rush

If you’re still not sure what to get, you can never go wrong with a gourmet hamper – and this one’s tailored to your coffee-lovin’ mates. It comes with Byron Bay Coffee Company Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans, Toby’s Estate Coffee Espresso Rico Blend, Charlies Mini Melting Moments and more.

You can buy the Coffee Lover Hamper from Gourmet Basket ($82) here.

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