Show Your Book-Loving Friend You’re On The Same Page With 10 Gifts To Fuel Their Reading Addiction

Show Your Book-Loving Friend You’re On The Same Page With 10 Gifts To Fuel Their Reading Addiction
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After two years of being holed up in our houses, it comes as no surprise we’ve developed a severe reading addiction. Saturday nights with friends were foregone for cosy dates with our latest reads and a big ol’ blanket. What a way to live out your twenties, right? We know that sounds ironic, but it was actually a pretty good time to be alive.

Some days, we’d be transported to a small American town, and the next, a fantasy universe through every book we powered through. Chances are, you (or a fair few of your friends) happened to find yourself in the same boat. In light of this, we’ve put together a list of gifts for book lovers (that aren’t a damn book, because baby, we know your shelves are stacked).

So, send this list to your mates in hopes it’ll give them an idea of what you want. You can even buy these lil’ trinkets for your book club, or at the last resort, for your worthy self.

The best gifts for book lovers

Rechargeable Book Reading Light, $26.96

gifts for book lovers

We tend to do the whole ‘no phones after 10pm’ thing to wind down for the night and get ready for some much-needed shut-eye. Phone time is then traded for book time – and there’s nothing like ruining the z’s than a reading sesh under your harsh room light. The solution? This nifty lil’ clip-on book light with two brightness settings.

You can buy the Rechargeable Book Reading Light ($26.96) from Amazon here.

Kindle Oasis was $399, now $319 (save $80)

Sick of trying to find places to keep the drove of books you can’t help but bring home? This Kindle Oasis gives you access to millions of books at your fingertips without having to find the storage space. I know the other biggest gripe book lovers have with e-books is they take away from the whole paperback experience. But I’m here to assure you that the Kindle Oasis’ e-ink technology also reads like real paper. How’s that for tech advancement?

You can buy the Kindle Oasis ($319) from Amazon here.

100 Kids Books Bucket List Scratch Poster, $28.99

gifts for book lovers

If you’ve got a young bookworm in the family, this book bucket list is the perfect investment when it comes to sourcing new books and injecting more excitement into reading.

You can buy the 100 Kids Books Bucket List Scratch Poster ($28.99) from Amazon here.

Metal Leaf Book Mark, $11.99

Because everyone needs a bookmark (and a chic one at that).

You can buy the Metal Leaf Book Mark ($11.99) from Amazon here.

Nordic Venus Book End, $44

gifts for book lovers

House decor or functional homeware? This sleek Nordic Venus Book End does both, baby. It also comes in two colours – navy or khaki – so you can grab whatever suits your gift recipient’s interior better.

You can buy the Nordic Venus Book End ($44) from Amazon here.

Personal Library Kit, $44.37

If you (or your mate) is the resident librarian of the friendship group – the one who is always loaning books out and struggling to keep tabs on who has or hasn’t returned them – this is the ultimate pressie. It comes with a self-adhesive pocket designed to be placed inside the cover of their fave books as well as a circulation card.

You can buy the Personal Library Kit ($44.37) from eBay here.

Extra Large Bean Bag/Day Bed, $99

gifts for book lovers

Every book lover needs a book nook or reading corner, and we suggest starting with an extra-large bean bag to set the tone. This one’s also totally waterproof and UV resistant, making it perfect if you want to set it up by the pool.

You can buy the Extra Large Bean Bag/Day Bed ($99) from Amazon here.

Bath Book Caddy Tray, $49.99

gifts for book lovers

Alternatively, the bath poses a great option if a permanent book nook doesn’t work for you. And with the help of this Bath Caddy, your book-loving friend can ensure their beloved pages (or e-book) don’t get a wet surprise either.

You can buy this Bath Book Caddy Tray ($49.99) from Amazon here.

Novelty Coffee Mug, $19.95

The book is always better, and you can’t convince us otherwise. This mug will make sure everyone else knows it, too.

You can buy the Novelty Coffee Mug ($19.95) from eBay here.

Shakespeare’s Insults Book Bag, $21.16

gifts for book lovers

If your friend is a fan of the old classics, this tote bag featuring a bunch of Shakespeare’s best insults will give them a good laugh. It also doubles as a great library bag. Win-win.

You can buy this Book Bag ($21.16) from Red Bubble here.

That’s a wrap on gifts for book lovers. If you need more gift inspiration this Christmas, be sure to check out our gift guide for the coffee-lovers or fitness fiends in your life.

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