These Magnetic Eyelashes Will Save You from Sticky Glue

These Magnetic Eyelashes Will Save You from Sticky Glue
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I am a fiend for a bold lash look, which is terrible for two reasons. First: it takes me a solid few hours to actually stick them on – and even then, they still fall off while I’m on the dance floor. Second: the glue residue that’s left on your eyes the next few days is simply not a vibe.

Now, trust me, I’ve tried to combat this whole ordeal by getting eyelash extensions, only to find out my bank account (and calendar) couldn’t sustain a $60 refill every two weeks. I even attempted coating my lashes in castor oil to grow those babies out naturally, but nothing seemed to do the trick. That was until I found magnetic eyelashes in Australia (AKA my lil’ miracle workers).

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are the ultimate solution to all your lash woes. They’re simple (and quick) to apply, even easier to remove and won’t go wonky while you wear them.

While magnetic lashes come in similar styles to your standard false lashes (think wispy, dramatic, natural), the way they attach to the lash line/eyelid is completely glue-free. The bottom of the lash strips has little magnets along the base that allow them to either be held in place with magnetic eyeliner or with a second strip of lashes — one lash strip goes underneath your natural lashes while another goes along the top, and they cling together. 

Are magnetic eyelashes safe for your eyes?

While magnetic lashes are an excellent option for special occasions, we’d recommend limiting your usage to just special occasions. Because some styles of magnetic eyelashes basically sandwich your natural lashes, there is the potential for lash damage and traction alopecia from consistent use. That said, magnetic eyeliner is a safer option as the lash is clinging to the actual eyelid, which can support it better without damaging your natural lashes. Whichever option you choose, you should also be very gentle upon application and removal to avoid breakage or damage. 

How to apply magnetic eyelashes

If you’re applying magnetic lashes with magnetic liner, line your eyelid like you usually would and using tweezers or an applicator gently lower the lash onto the lash line. Once you’re happy with its position, gently just press it into place. To remove, starting at the outer corner of your eye, gently lift the lash up and away from the lash line. Once the lash is removed, wipe off your magnetic eyeliner with a gentle, eye-safe micellar water or eye makeup remover.   

Applying the two magnetic strips can be a little trickier. We suggest placing the top lashes first, following the natural shape of your lash line. To remove them, starting at the outer corner of your eye, gently grab each of the top and bottom lashes and pull them apart gently and away from the lash line. Once you’re happy with the position, gently glide the bottom strip up to meet it, sandwiching your natural lashes. Once the lash is removed, wipe off your remaining eye makeup with gentle micellar water or eye makeup remover. 

Shop magnetic lashes with eyeliner

Jasmine Magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner kit, $17.99

Made from Grade A handcrafted fibre, these babies are extra soft and long. The magnetic liner is also long-wearing, smudge-resistant and waterproof. Wins all-round.

You can buy the Jasmine Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner Kit, $17.99 from Amazon here.

Eylure ProMagnetic lash kit, magnetic eyeliner and lash system, $29.95

Utilising their magical ProMagnetic technology, these lashes can be applied in five minutes or less. Sounds like a dream, right?

You can buy the Eylure ProMagnetic Lash Kit, Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash System, $29.95 from Amazon here.

Venus Visage upgraded magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes kit, $23.99

One of the best features of these eyelashes is that they’re reusable, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective option, then this is it. Using the power of five strong magnets, your lashes will be held in place for hours on end.

You can buy the Venus Visage Upgraded Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit, $23.99 from Amazon here.

Brightup magnetic eyelashes eyeliner set, $101.18

This one kit will give you six pairs of lashes in three different styles (natural, party and daily). The smudge-proof eyeliner uses the best mix of ultra-fine magnetic particles for an easy stick.

You can buy the Brightup Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Set, $104.46 from Amazon here.

Qimeisi magnetic lash and liner kit, $35.75

magnetic eyelashes in Australia


This multipack gives you the option of 10 different lash looks ranging from ultra-natural to dramatic. It also comes with a lash applicator, scissors and a quick-to-dry liquid eyeliner, so you can finish off the look seamlessly. We think it’s perfect for any beginners out there! The best part? You’ll also get a storage case to keep your lashes so that you can re-wear them time and time again.

You can buy the Qimeisi Magnetic Lash/Liner Kit ($35.75) from Amazon here.

Shop the best magnetic eyelashes with double strips

Ardell double magnetic lashes, $12.95

magnetic eyelashes in Australia

These medium volume, short length lashes are perfect when you’re creating an everyday makeup look. They’re super lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for an entire day (and transition into the night as well).

You can buy the Ardell Double Magnetic Lashes, $12.95 from Amazon here.

Ardell magnetic accent lashes, $23.12

magnetic eyelashes in Australia

These lashes from Ardell are light volume and medium length if you’re trying to achieve a slightly more dramatic makeup look. The pre-curved band allows you to create a perfect, contoured fit every time.

You can buy the Ardell Magnetic Accent Lashes, $23.12 from Amazon here.

SODIAL magnetic lashes, $35.75

Rather than applying your lashes with your fingers, SODIAL uses a nifty tool that sticks them into place for you. All you have to do is attach the lashes, clip them onto your own lashes and release them. The two-in-one tool also works to lift and curl the lash at the same time which cuts your entire eye routine in half.

You can buy the SODIAL Magnetic Lashes, $35.75 from Amazon here.

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