10 Gifts The Ladies In Your Life Won’t Be Disappointed To Open This Christmas

10 Gifts The Ladies In Your Life Won’t Be Disappointed To Open This Christmas
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The leading ladies in your life can always be a lil’ tricky to buy for. Why? Because they either have everything they could possibly want, or they’re very particular when it comes to their personal preferences. That’s why things like choosing the right scent of perfume or nabbing the correct shade of makeup can sometimes render these products off-limits when it comes to gift-giving (unless of course you know exactly what they like, in which case, go for your life). But, for those of you who aren’t in that position, don’t panic because we’ve got this handy list of gifts for women.

Whether it be for your mum, girlfriend, sister, aunty or wife, there’s something in here that’ll tickle their fancy. Just a note: all of these items have been specially hand-picked with delivery times in mind. This means they hopefully will be at your doorstep in time for the big day. However, this doesn’t mean you should wait any longer, we suggest snapping them up quick because it won’t be like this for long!

The best gifts for women

Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 IPL Hair Removal was $799, now $299 (save $500)

gifts for women

If she’s been wanting to book an appointment at a laser clinic for yonks, but can’t justify the ongoing costs of laser hair removal, she’ll absolutely love you for getting her this Braun IPL Hair Remover. Working in a similar (but not totally identical) way to professional laser treatment, this device uses light to target the root of the hair follicle root, inhibiting future hair growth. Bonus points for also being massively reduced with this sale price.

You can buy the Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 ($299) from Amazon here.

Olaplex Traveling Stylist Kit, $216.57


gifts for women

This has to be on any list of gifts for women if she likes to bleach her locks often or if she just uses hot tools frequently. Why? This Olaplex Stylist Kit (that’s all the rage on TikTok) uses a unique repairing formula to fix broken bonds caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage and ignites life back into damaged/dry hair.

You can buy the Olaplex Traveling Stylist Kit ($216.57) from Amazon here.

Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete, $799.99

gifts for women

We know these are a lil’ pricey, but we’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t want one of these Dyson Air Wrap tools. All we’ll say is, it’s an absolute game-changer for styling those pieces of hair that frame your face.

You can buy the Dyson Air Wrap Styler ($799) from Dyson here.

Babyliss Pro Professional Jumbo Hair Rollers, $124.95

10 Gifts The Ladies In Your Life Won’t Be Disappointed To Open This Christmas

If you still want that blow wave look without the hefty price tag that comes with the Dyson Airwrap, then we suggest sinking your teeth into this set of 12 Professional Jumbo Rollers. While they do require a lil’ more leg work for that sleek lock look, the results are more than worth it.

You can buy the Babyliss Pro Professional Jumbo Hair Rollers ($124.95) from Amazon here.

The 5-Minute Journal, $41

gifts for women

This journal – highly-rated by Vogue, Forbes Magazine and The New York Times – has been created with leading psychological research to help users feel higher levels of positivity,  joy, and optimism as well as lower levels of isolation and loneliness. It’s broken up into two sections: a morning routine section and a night routine section where your gift recipient will be able to detail what they’re grateful for, what they want to prioritise, three amazing things, some inspiring quotes, and a daily affirmation/end of day reflection.

You can buy the 5-Minute Journal from Amazon here.

Retro Sunglasses, $13.99

gifts for women

It’s all about the accessories this season, baby. That’s why, if you want to help level up a couple of your gift recipient’s summer fits, these glasses are the perfect way to do it.

You can buy these Retro Sunglasses ($13.99) from eBay here.

Custom Silky Pyjama Set, $49.95

gifts for women

Sometimes the importance of a nice set of pyjamas goes overlooked, and given we spend a solid portion of our lives in bed, we think it’s time to change that. Try starting with these ace silky pyjamas that will help make your leading lady feel like she’s living lavish every night. Did we mention, you can even get them custom-printed with your lady’s initials? A thoughtful touch.

You can buy the Custom Silky Pyjama Set ($49.95) from eBay here.

Guess Zip Top Shoulder Bag was $129, now $90.30 (save $38.70)

10 Gifts The Ladies In Your Life Won’t Be Disappointed To Open This Christmas

The Y2K era is back in fashion, and with it, has come these lil’ mini handbags. In light of this, our versatile black-coloured Guess baby is now the it bag of the season (especially because it looks just like the famous Prada one).

You can buy the Guess Zip Top Shoulder Bag ($90.30) from Myer here.

Ponder Designs 1000-Piece Puzzle, $59

gifts for women

If your lady got into the puzzle craze over lockdown, this 1000-piece set will keep her occupied until the next holiday. The final picture is also a super cute decor poster-esque design, meaning your gift recipient can frame it and put it up in their room or house once they’re done. How’s that for motivation to finish?

You can buy the 1000 Piece Puzzle ($59) from THE ICONIC here.

Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask, $28

10 Gifts The Ladies In Your Life Won’t Be Disappointed To Open This Christmas

Six words. Lips softer than a baby’s bottom. No other comment is necessary.

You can buy the Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask ($28) from Adore Beauty here.

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