11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys, Besides Socks and Jocks

11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys, Besides Socks and Jocks
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I don’t know about you, but Christmas gift shopping for the men in my life is singlehandedly the hardest thing ever. They either have everything they could possibly want or (if you’re my dad) have a new car pegged to the top of their wish list – and I hate to say it, but that’s miles out of my price range.

In a Christmas-is-less-than-a-month-away scramble, today I decided it was finally time to scour the internet for some cool Christmas gifts to give my boyfriend, dad, uncles and brother. Now, I’m not talking about giving them your average socks and jocks either. These gifts, my friends, are ones they’ll actually want to open.

The best Christmas gift ideas for men

11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys, Besides Socks and Jocks

Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless Headphones, $259.95

You can’t go wrong gifting the man in your life a good set of noise-cancelling headphones. The new CX Plus True Wireless earbuds from Sennheiser do that and much, much more. They’ve got a superb ergonomic design and intuitive controls for maximum comfort and ease of use. They can enjoy up to 24 hours of playtime with crystal-clear sound and deep, customisable bass.

You can buy the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless Headphones here.

Magnetic Car Mount, $9.99

Christmas gift ideas for men

These Magnetic Car Mounts are perfect for propping your phone up in the car without having to put a big ol’ suction (that takes up half your windscreen) above the dash. Bonus points to this nifty lil’ baby for having an extra-strong adhesive sticker, so your mount won’t fall off mid-drive.

You can buy the Magnetic Car Mount ($9.99) from Amazon here.

Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, $45.99

Christmas gift ideas for men

Trust me when I say this, all your gym-obsessed brothers, husbands or dads will go crazy for this electric protein shaker. Why? No one likes getting a mouthful of undissolved powder clumps that get left in the bottom of those silly manual shakers.

You can buy the Electric Protein Shaker Bottle ($45.99) from Amazon here.

Car Seat Gap Filler, $34.99

Christmas gift ideas for men

Know someone who has a habit of losing things down the side of their car seats? Or even just likes to keep their car organised and tidy? These handy Car Seat Gap Fillers will help them do both! Perfect for chucking some chewy and other miscellaneous items if the centre console isn’t big enough.

You can buy the Car Seat Gap Filler ($34.99) from Amazon here.

Double Wall Beer Glass, $25.66

11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys, Besides Socks and Jocks

This one is a classic pick for your male colleagues, uncles and the men you don’t know too well because what can I say? Beer is simply a universal language, baby.

You can buy the Double Wall Beer Glass ($25.66) from Amazon here.

Portable Suction Cupholder, $24.99

11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys, Besides Socks and Jocks

On the odd occasion they’re not a beer aficionado, get them this sweet wine glass holder. Just saying, but these work best mounted next to the bathtub (or the shower because who am I to judge?).

You can buy the Portable Suction Cupholder ($24.99) from Amazon here.

Mini iPhone Movie Projector, $152.14

Christmas gift ideas for men

This gift is so cool. I want one for myself. But, basically, it’s a mini-movie projector that connects directly to your iPhone, so you can play your favourite movies on any blank wall or roof. Pair it with a cute Netflix voucher, pjs and some microwave popcorn packs for a full blown movie night-themed pressie.

You can buy the Mini Movie Projector ($152.14) from Amazon here.

Sneaker Crease Guards, $21.50

11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys, Besides Socks and Jocks

My boyfriend is literally obsessed with his sneaker collection (so much so, he might even love them more than me). If you’re in the same boat, give him the gift of creaseless shoes with these handy crease guards because there’s nothing worse than ruining a pair of $500 kicks. This gift also works as a good stocking stuffer alongside some sneaker cleaning spray.

You can buy the Sneaker Crease Guards ($21.50) from eBay here.

Custom Photo Air Freshener, $11.72

11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys, Besides Socks and Jocks

Because who doesn’t want to look at YOUR face all day? You can even do a family portrait if it’s for your dad or a picture of the recipient’s favourite celebrity if plastering your face on an air freshener is a lil’ too daring.

You can buy the Custom Air Freshener($11.72) from Etsy here.

Champion Grey Hoodie, $83.99

11 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys, Besides Socks and Jocks

Simple but effective. All men could do with an extra grey hoodie in their arsenal.

You can buy the Champion Grey Hoodie ($83.99) from Myer here.

AERE Linen Robe, $120

Christmas gift ideas for men

We all deserve a little self-care from time to time, and what better attire to do it in than this luxury AERE Linen Robe. He’ll feel like he’s at a hotel in his own home.

You can buy the AERE Linen Robe ($120) from THE ICONIC here.

So, that’s your boyfriend, husband, brother and dad sorted in this Christmas gifts for men round-up, but if you still need something for your secret Santa, we suggest heading here.

Now we’re getting to the pointer end of December, be sure to check retailers shipping times to ensure anything you select will arrive on time for Christmas.

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