7 Bug Repellents, from Sprays to Zappers, to Get You Through Summer

7 Bug Repellents, from Sprays to Zappers, to Get You Through Summer
Image: Outer / CasarsaGuru
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It’s going to be a La Niña summer, folks. This means one thing and one thing only: rainy humidity is the perfect breeding ground for those pesky mozzies. Hence, we suggest thinking about getting mosquito-proof now, so you’ll be locked and loaded for when the humid drizzle dawns upon us. But wait, where should you even start in your bug repellent quest?

Well, I’m glad you asked because I spent the day finding out for you. Lo and behold, the fruits of my research laid out in this handy bug repellent guide.

Whether you’re planning a camping trip and need something portable or just want something that’ll mosquito-proof your home patio for pool-side shindigs, I’ve got you covered.

The best bug repellent products

Outer Bug Shield Blankets, $150

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Made from 100 per cent recycled polyester, Outer’s Bug Shield Blanket boasts a patented Insect Shield technology that repels mozzies, ticks, ants and more. What’s better is that its three colour-way options (houndstooth, pinstripe, and plaid) give it a stylish finish that doesn’t look any different from a regular blanket. It’s also super lightweight, so you won’t swelter under it in summer. These babies are perfect for accompanying you to the drive-ins or picnics at dusk. Just quietly, if you add in the code MOZZIE at the check out, you’ll be able to score the blanket for a deal price of $99 – bargain!

You can buy these Bug Shield Blankets ($150) from Outer here.

Electric Mosquito Zapper Racket, $29.99

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If your first reaction is to grab a tennis racket or fly swatter to get rid of the bugs that make it through the fly screen, may we suggest levelling up your game with this electric racket zapper? Unlike those manual methods, the LED will attract them, allowing for optimal zapping. There are also protective grids on both sides of the handheld racket, not only to protect the middle electric mesh from being damaged but to ensure people cannot be zapped.

You can buy the Electric Mosquito Zapper Racket ($29.99) from Amazon here.

Bug Zapper and LED Camping Lantern, $49.90

7 Bug Repellents, from Sprays to Zappers, to Get You Through Summer

This lil’ portable LED lantern is a must-have for all your summer camping fun. Not only is it waterproof, but the concealed hook design allows the mosquito lamp to be placed on a flat surface or hung on a tent or branch for ultimate bug protection. To add to its value, this device has an added flashlight mode and SOS white strobe mode in the event you ever need it.

You can buy the Bug Zapper and LED Camping Lantern ($49.90) from Amazon here.

Ultrasonic Anti-Mosquito Repellent Watch, $14.96

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I must say, this one surprised me. I didn’t even know you could get mozzie-repellent watches out there, but yet, here we are. The device supposedly “mimicks the wings of male mosquitoes, resisting female mosquitoes”. It’s also lightweight, durable and even tells you the time. An all-rounder if I’ve ever seen one.

You can buy the Ultrasonic Anti-Mosquito Repellent Watch ($14.96) from eBay here.

Non-Toxic Natural Inspect Repeller Stickers, $10.95

7 Bug Repellents, from Sprays to Zappers, to Get You Through Summer

Another insect-repellent game-changer is these cool Natural Insect Repeller Stickers! All you have to do is stick one to your clothes, and voila, the natural herbal extract it is made from will keep the pests at bay for six hours. Each pack comes with 120 stickers, so you can protect the whole family with little to no hassle.

 You can buy the Anti-Toxic Natural Insect Repeller Stickers ($10.95) from eBay here.

Bushman Heavy Duty Insect Repellent, $15

7 Bug Repellents, from Sprays to Zappers, to Get You Through Summer

I took this miracle spray to Vietnam with me, and after spraying it on myself daily, I don’t think I even saw a bug at all. This particular repellent also boasts 40% DEET, which means it’s perfect if you’re heading to dense bushland or camping near water and greenery.

You can buy the Bushman Heavy Duty Insect Repellent ($15) from Woolworths here.

YAYA Organics All-Natural Baby Bug Ban, $23.80

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If you’ve got sensitive skin or aren’t a fan of using harsh chemicals on your or your kids’ skin, this All-Natural Baby Bug Repellent uses non-GMO therapeutic grade essential oils like geranium, certified organic castor and soybean oils to keep the bugs at bay. It also comes in a spray (rather than aerosol) bottle to reduce the risk of the product getting in your little ones’ eyes or mouths.

You can buy the YAYA Organics Baby Bug Ban ($23.80) from Amazon here.

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