Lean Into That ‘Type A’ Energy With One of These 2022 Calendars

Lean Into That ‘Type A’ Energy With One of These 2022 Calendars
Image: iStock/Jinli Guo
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Where would we be without calendars? With 2022 upon the horizon, now’s the perfect time to pick up your next calendar for the new year.

Personally, I put a lot of thought into the calendars I hang up around my house. So much so that I struggle to choose just one. An adorable collection of dog portraits or postcard-perfect holiday destinations never fail to catch my eye.

Here’s a pro tip if you want to create a Pinterest-style bedroom in the new year — choose your next calendar wisely because once the year is finished, you can take apart your calendar and use the images as wall art. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on professional prints or using up all of the ink in your home printer, simply grab a pair of scissors and trim the edges. You can even use them for scrapbooking or pin them to a corkboard.

2022 Wall Calendars

If you’ve got space on your walls to hang up one of these calendars, consider yourself blessed. Wall calendars are a great way to get an easy snapshot of the month ahead and how far away your plans are. Plus, tell me you don’t love to check out what photograph is paired with your birthday month and whether or not you agree it was a fitting choice. We see you.

Check out our best finds below:

Goats in trees 2022 calendar, $26.61

2022 calendar
Image: BrownTrout Publishers/Amber Lotus Calendars

Baaah, what? Goats in trees? I’m not really sure how those little guys got up there, but they sure do look great and who am I to question it? All I want to know is how they plan to get down.

You can get one here for $20.80.

Make sure you also check out this artsy “I Am Goat” wall calendar while you’re at it. I promise you won’t be disappointed by these chiaroscuro-inspired animal portraits, captured by photographer Kevin Horan. Each month also features a quote from one of nature’s best philosophers. You can pick up a copy here for $25.30.

1000 Places to See Before You Die 2022 calendar, $23.90

2022 calendar full of all the places you should go before you die
Image: Workman Publishing

From the author of 1,000 Places To See Before You Die comes this stunning, full-colour calendar. A great companion for the wanderlust-fuelled traveller, this calendar will give you your daily inspiration to stop dreaming and get going. Each month features an itinerary in photographs for a fascinating destination. Plus, insider tips for how to really live it up when you finally get to visit your dream holiday destination.

Shop it here for $23.90.

Aboriginal Art 2022 calendar, $13.75

Lean Into That ‘Type A’ Energy With One of These 2022 Calendars
Image: BrownTrout

Forget Van Gogh and Monet, how about some homegrown Aussie art in a traditional, Indigenous style? The beauty of the environment and spiritual essence of Australia are captured in a series of artworks by a number of Aboriginal artists in this stunning calendar.

Get your copy here for $13.75.

Hubble Space Telescope 2022 wall calendar, $20

Lean Into That ‘Type A’ Energy With One of These 2022 Calendars
Image: BrownTrout Publishers

This stellar calendar is filled with dreamy photographs captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. This is a great gift idea for space-lovers or science-fiction fans.

Shop it here for $20.

Australian Beaches 2022 wall calendar, $20

Lean Into That ‘Type A’ Energy With One of These 2022 Calendars
Image: BrownTrout Publishers

12 of the best Australian beaches in one calendar. From the sands of Whitehaven beach to The Twelve Apostles and Port Douglas, be instantly transported to a vista of roaring ocean waves and turquoise hues simply by staring at this 2022 calendar.

You can pick up a copy of this Australian Beaches calendar here for $20.

2022 Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are not just for helping you keep track of what day it is, but they also serve a greater purpose in bringing a pop of colour or a dash of fun to any space. This curated collection was handpicked to bring a smile to your face as you flip over each page every day. Check them out below:

We Rate Dogs, $25.99

Lean Into That ‘Type A’ Energy With One of These 2022 Calendars
Image: Matt Nelson

If you’re a fan of @dog_rates Twitter account then you’ll know what to expect in this 2022 calendar. With 9.5 million-strong in followers, the owner of this account has created a pawsitively adorable round-up of hilarious doggos sure to delight you every day.

Get this ridiculously cute desk calendar here for $25.99.

Life Hacks 2022 desk calendar, $18.75

Lean Into That ‘Type A’ Energy With One of These 2022 Calendars
Image: Andrews McMeel

This Life Hacks 2022 desk calendar is sure to become a fun morning ritual in your household. With 365 interesting tips, tricks and time savers, we promise you’ll learn something new everyday. How to alleviate runner’s cramps, ripen a tomato faster and a secret Google Assistant feature are all things you can look forward to discovering in the new year.

Shop it here for $18.75.

Daily Brain Games 2022 calendar, $25.99

Daily brain games 2022 calendar
Image: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Start your morning right by putting on your thinking cap and solving one of these tricky brain teasers. Not only will you sharpen your brain but you’ll also start your day with a win. This desk calendar is jam-packed with — you guessed it — 365 challenging activities, ranging from easy to hard.

Let us know if you can figure out the excerpt above.

Shop the Daily Brain Games 2022 desk calendar here for $25.99.

I Can Do It: Daily Affirmations, $17.36

Daily affirmations 2022 calendar
Image: Hay House

Positive self-talk is very important. While it may seem silly to stand in front of a mirror and chant “you are strong, you are beautiful, you are smart”, it’s strangely effective for improving self-esteem and confidence. Having an affirmation to focus on throughout your day is almost as gospel as reading your horoscope.

That’s why we threw in the I Can Do It: Daily Affirmations calendar. This empowering desk calendar by New York Times-bestselling author Louise Hay pairs stunning natural images with thought-provoking quotes designed to motivate or uplift.

Pick up a copy of I Can Do It here for $17.36 (down from $21.99).

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