This Is What a Pre-paid Phone Plan Looks Like in 2021

This Is What a Pre-paid Phone Plan Looks Like in 2021
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Picture this: you don’t need to go to a store to buy yourself a new SIM, you don’t even need to speak to anyone. You just have to open up a lil’ app and make all the choices you want for your perfectly tailored prepaid phone plan, complete with insane 5G speeds. Think this is all too good to be true? Well, enter Optus. 

A little while ago, Optus changed the pre-paid game for good when it unleashed its Optus Flex plan. Like its name suggests, this baby is all about the flexibility. It’s a subscription plan with recharge options starting from just – I kid you not – $1 for 1GB, per day. 

Choose a daily plan, weekly or a monthly one, it’s all up to you and you can cancel at any time. With that kind of flexibility, you can pull together a plan that suits your lifestyle. You can also chuck in some add-ons, if you’re keen. Unlimited data? Sure. Optus Sport? Go for it. International talk to stay in touch with your loved ones? Of course. 

You don’t need to stress about using up your data either, because Optus Flex means automatic rollover of up to 200GB. You’re really just rolling in it at that point.

Anyway, remember a few paragraphs ago when I mentioned buying a new SIM without going to a store? With Flex, customers with an e-SIM capable device can join the Optus family (with a new number) in just a few taps through the My Optus app. It’s the ultimate in-app experience, because it completely eliminates the need to head in-store and purchase a physical SIM. 

Imagine setting up your plan from bed. What a dream.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the suuuuuuper fast 5G. 

With 5G now available on Optus Flex, that means you can scroll, stream, and download to your heart’s content from just $2 a day. Two!

So now’s probably a good time to mention how Optus is running a 7-day, 7GB free trial for new customers keen on Flex, and – if you have an e-SIM capable device – it literally takes minutes to set up, all from the My Optus app. 

You’ll receive all the included data upfront when you activate your 7-day trial, including unlimited talk and text. 

Learn everything you need to know about Optus Flex right HERE.


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