This Is How Daniel Craig Got 007 Fit

This Is How Daniel Craig Got 007 Fit

With the arrival of Daniel Craig’s final run as 007 in No Time To Die, fans are keen to learn two things: what’s next for the James Bond franchise and how on earth did Craig get so incredibly fit for this film?

We can’t really give you much insight into the first question (though we hope the answer is something fresh), but there’s a fair amount of information to be found in regard to question number two.

How did Daniel Craig get 007 fit?

Simon Waterson is the trainer who worked alongside Daniel Craig throughout his career as Bond; designing exercise programs to get the actor special-agent-level fit.

Speaking with Men’s Health, Waterson shared that when the pair worked together on Casino Royale in 2006, he coupled powerlifting and compound exercises to achieve his Bond bod – and ability to move like an assassin.

The trainer shared that the way Craig built his Bond body over the years was done with a certain level of intentionality.

“It’s quite a conscious thing to evolve, with a mentality and a physicality. On Casino [Royale], you could see that he comes out of the water and he’s bigger, more imposing — he looks like he could kill people,” he told the outlet.

“In Quantum [of Solace], he’s faster and more efficient, the same with Skyfall and Spectre.”

For No Time To Die, remaining injury-free was at the centre of Craig’s workouts. As a 50+-year-old Bond simply has to move differently to a 38-year-old one.

Waterson told Men’s Health UK that bodyweight training was a big part of their training for this Bond film. With the central goal being helping Bond’s physical movements “sprinting up stairs, hopping over the balustrade and into a fight sequence, out of a door, smashing through another door and into a car and driving off” look as “seamless and effortless” as possible.

This bodyweight training, he shared, was coupled with the use of resistance bands and “agility-based exercises”.

And while they more than achieved that goal, getting there was no simple task. One thing Waterson shared in a separate interview with GQ is that it’s not fun or easy to get this ripped.

“If you want to look like these people, your life is basically over. You’ll look great but you’ll feel terrible. That’s a hard message to give to people,” he told the mag.

In a nutshell, getting 007 fit takes months and months of incredibly hard work – not to mention access to premium gyms and trainers. It also leaves very little room for you to enjoy yourself.

Try a Bond workout at home

With that said, if you’d still like to try your hand at some 007-inspired training, we’ve got a workout ready for you.

UK-based sports supplement brand DNA Lean has pulled together a range of workouts based around the physical abilities of different Bonds, including Craig.

Here’s what they recommend for those hoping to achieve a Bond body like Craig’s:

  • 3 x 15 rep sets of Hanging knee raises
  • 3 x 15 rep sets of Abs roll-out
  • 3 x 12 rep sets of Dumbbell bench-presses
  • 3 x 12 rep sets of Dumbbell flyers

If all this 007 talk has you keen to watch a Bond film, here’s a ranking of the best movies in the franchise, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

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