Dessert-Lovers, You Need These 10 Kitchen Appliances in Your Life

Dessert-Lovers, You Need These 10 Kitchen Appliances in Your Life
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For as long as I can remember, I’d always been dubbed as the “family sweet tooth”. I think my parents coined this nickname when I started ordering ice cream balls for an entree at restaurants (I was a Daddy’s girl, so anything I asked for with pleading eyes, I got). Looking back, it may have also come from the time I ate the entirety of my chocolate advent calendar solely on December 1st. Whatever the case, my point is: I’m a raging sugar-lover. That’s why I’ve decided to share my absolute favourite dessert ideas with you all (and the fool-proof kitchen appliances that’ll help you make them with ease).

Whether you’re looking to cook up a sweet storm for your Christmas guests, whip up some treats for the kids’ school teachers, or are just hoping to keep the little tackers preoccupied for more than five minutes over their summer school holidays, boy, have I got you covered.

Our favourite dessert ideas

Mini Doughnut Maker, $39.99

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Krispy Kreme’s got it coming for them once you get your hands on one of these lil’ guys. The best part is, when you make these easy DIY doughnuts, you’re fully in charge of the toppings. Hello, sour straps and sprinkles.

You can buy the Mini Doughnut Maker ($39.99) from Amazon here.

Bubble Waffle Maker Pan, $100.22

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You know those delicious bubble waffles you’ve been seeing all over your Instagram feed? Yes, the ones dripping in Nutella and whipped cream? Well, now you can make them for brekkie any day of the week with this Bubble Waffle Pan. Bonus points for coming with tongs and a foolproof recipe book on the odd chance you’re not quite Gordon Ramsay yet.

You can buy the Bubble Waffle Maker Pan ($100.22) from Amazon here.

Cake Pop Mold Set, $27.26

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These moulds are something I wish existed when I was younger. So, in the name of robbed childhoods, grab your brothers, sisters or kids and spend the afternoon making these fun cake pops. With the silly season on the brink, you can even get creative with some festive decorations — I’m thinking mini Santa hats or green and red icing.

You can buy the Cake Pop Mold Set ($27.26) from Amazon here.

Ninja Ice Cream Maker, $332.19

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This Ninja Ice Cream maker is a jack of all trades, boasting ice cream, sorbet, milkshake, frappe and smoothie bowl-making capabilities, meaning you can make summer treats on your own terms – whether that be low-fat, dairy-free or deliciously creamy. Can we tell you a secret? Throw in some sweet mix-ins, and you’ve got yourself a homemade Cold Rock.

You can buy the Ninja Ice Cream Maker ($332.19) from Amazon here.

Shaved Ice Maker, $60.82

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Bring that theme park thrill straight to your 30-degree backyard this summer with a Shaved Ice Maker. All you have to do is add some flavoured syrup as an ace dessert idea for the kids, then nab the rest and make yourself a margarita, ‘cos you downright deserve it.

You can buy this Shaved Ice Maker ($60.82) from Amazon here.

Mini Waffle Maker, $25

This has been on my wish list for a few months now because I can’t think of anything better than having waffles for brekkie — oh, wait, I meant dessert.

You can buy the Mini Waffle Maker ($25) from Amazon here.

Breville Toastie Maker, $99

I know what you’re thinking, what’s a toastie maker doing on a dessert appliance round-up? Well, let me introduce you to the not-so-humble S’more dessert toastie. As you can imagine, all you have to do is butter two slices of your favourite bread, chuck in pieces of your favourite chocolate, as well as a couple of marshmallows, and lo and behold, the dessert idea of your dreams, my friends.

You can buy the Breville Toastie Maker ($99) from Amazon here.

Breville Crepe Maker, $89.95

Since we can’t just nick off to Paris when times get tough, the least we can do is bring Paris to us with this Breville Crepe Maker. Boasting adjustable temperature control and a non-stick extra-wide plate, your dinner guests are going to envy the ease at which you can enjoy these French treats.

You can buy the Breville Crepe Maker ($89.95) from Amazon here.

Churrera Churro Maker, $16.99

Churros are by far my favourite dessert in the whole entire world, but to my great disappointment, I live 30 minutes away from my closest San Churro. That’s why when I saw this Churro Maker, I had to pick one up for myself. All I can say is start melting your chocolate, baby.

You can buy the Churrera Churro Maker ($16.99) from Amazon here.

TODO Cotton Candy Machine, $69

Nostalgic school fair meets the ultimate dessert idea: fairy floss. The kids will love this, you will love this, your partner will pretend otherwise, but they will love this, too. An excellent family Christmas present that’ll keep everyone entertained for hours if you ask me.

You can buy the TODO Cotton Candy Machine ($69) from Catch here.

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