Enjoy Sweet, Sweat-free Dreams With These Cooling Pyjamas

Enjoy Sweet, Sweat-free Dreams With These Cooling Pyjamas
Dry Chill sleepwear promises a sweat-free sleep. (Image: supplied)

Are you a sweaty sleeper? This isn’t like some dating criteria, I promise. But if you, like me, often wake up in damp pyjamas because of night sweats, we may have found a perfect match for you.

The Dry Chill sleepwear range is made from a special fabric that draws moisture away from the skin to reduce sweating. It’s also antibacterial and antimicrobial, which helps to eliminate odours, and is fade, wrinkle, shrink and pill resistant.

The PJs are the brainchild of Tara Lock, who launched the Chilly Towel back in 2015 after undergoing breast cancer treatment that left her desperate for a way to bring down her body temperature.

Personally, I’ve suffered from night sweats on and off for a few years now, brought on by my essential hypertension (that’s genetic high blood pressure). While I do what I can to manage it through diet, exercise and medication, sometimes it’s not enough and I wake up in damp PJs. It’s unpleasant.

So when Tara’s team asked me to try the new anti-sweat pyjamas I thought sure, what have I got to lose?

To really put these PJs to the test, I did everything that usually sets off my night sweats — I wore myself out with exercise, hours of gardening, and a couple of wines.

I’ll admit that I was super sceptical going into this. Trying to convince me that a pair of pyjamas could cure my night sweats seemed like a long shot.

The verdict

Firstly, the fabric is wonderfully soft and pretty damn soothing. Secondly, the cut of the cami and shorts combo is loose but not so baggy you’ll tie yourself in knots if you toss and turn in your sleep.

After a very sound night’s sleep, I can confirm that these magical pyjamas really do work. I woke up feeling refreshed and sweat-free. I’ve worn them a few more times since and they haven’t failed. Plus, they’re easy to wash and quick to dry.

Aside from people with blood pressure issues like me, the Dry Chill PJs would be great for anyone going through menopause, pregnancy, chemotherapy, or just stinky hot summer nights.

The Dry Chill range includes a singlet ($40), shorts ($45), long pants ($75) and nightie ($75) and they’re available from the Chilly Towel online store.

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