Redditors Are Showing You How to Turn Your Lego Sets Into Apple Watch Docks

Redditors Are Showing You How to Turn Your Lego Sets Into Apple Watch Docks

Apple Watch docks can cost a pretty penny, on can repurpose something you already have things you have lying around the house to make your own. Redditors have recently shared their instructions for making your own perfectly usable Apple Watch dock out of Lego. Can you think of anything better to do with the next 30 minutes? Before you get building, draw some inspiration from these lovely Apple Watch docks shared on Reddit.

A simple automotive-inspired dock

The oil indicator brick in /u/selfhood’s dock gives this one a rather hilarious automotive touch. This simple and effective Apple Watch dock probably won’t take you too long to assemble. (You might want to aim for better cable management in your version of this dock, but, otherwise, it’s nicely done.)

A SpongeBob dock? Why not?

It looks like /u/selfhood decided to take cable management more seriously with this sleeker SpongeBob adorned Apple Watch dock, complete with a Lego Bikini Bottom character holding the cable upright. The tiny dock itself is easy to build and best suited for situations where the charging adaptor is plugged in at the same level as the dock, or slightly higher.

A Voltron-like Lego Apple Watch dock

The dock made by /u/Ingo053 has a low-key Voltron vibe. Sure, it’s a monopod but there’s nothing stopping you from modifying it slightly to make it a bipod. This one is tall and does a good job hiding the charging cable as well.

Is it a stroller? Is it a car?

This Lego dock, created by /u/johnny-generalissimo, is perhaps the most unique we’ve seen so far. It uses a vehicle that appears to be from Lego’s Mindstorms set as a base for the charger. The apparatus looks cool, as long as you can unsee the fact that it also looks slightly like a stroller, and is just wide enough to fit your Apple Watch’s band too.

The Lego Apple Watch dock built for better cable management

The pictures aren’t so clear on /u/Air020’s Apple Watch dock, but that doesn’t distract from its neat design. This one is best suited to those who’ve been hiding their cables under the desk, as it includes a neat opening through which to drag them out to the tabletop. This design hides the charger almost entirely, while still giving your desk a neat look, provided you’re a Brickhead.

If you have designed your own Lego Apple Watch dock, we’d love to see pictures in the comments.

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