Red Rooster Is Running 25 Days of Christmas Deals with Free Food up for Grabs

Red Rooster Is Running 25 Days of Christmas Deals with Free Food up for Grabs
Image: Red Rooster (Supplied)

If you’re sad that McDonald’s November deals are ending soon, have no fear because Red Rooster is here to pick up the slack. Kicking off the Christmas season, Red Rooster is bringing us 25 days of deals that can score you vouchers, merch and free food!

First thing’s first, to start earning these Red Rooster deals you’ll need to be a Red Royalty member which is the chicken chain’s rewards program. It’s free to sign up and you’ll get some nice welcome gifts, too.

After you’ve done that, Red Rooster’s Christmas deals will start landing in your account each week and once redeemed will put you in the running for weekly prizes.

Here are just some of the prizes you can go into the running to score:

  • Prezzee vouchers
  • A year’s worth of free Red Rooster
  • Limited edition Red Rooster merch packs (valued at $250)

Merch, I hear you ask? That’s right, Red Rooster has a new line of merchandise now that includes T-shirts, tracksuit pants, sunglasses and the iconic Rooster smugglers, which could all be yours… if that’s your kind of vibe.

The grand prize that one lucky Red Royalty member can win is a $ 10,000-holiday voucher with Flight Centre. Travel is back baby!

We don’t know exactly what deals will be offered on each of Red Rooster’s 25 days but they have teased that deals will include free fried chicken, free large chips, free whole roast chicken and free dessert.

That’s a whole lot of free food on offer that you absolutely deserve coming into Christmas.

You can redeem the offers in-store and via delivery and there’s a Red Rooster Red Royalty app that you can download on the Google Play Store or the Apple App store to take part.

Now the last important thing you’ll need to know is when exactly Red Rooster’s 25 days of deals start. This year the Christmas offers will run from November 29 until December 24.

All that’s left to do is find your local Red Rooster store which you can do here.

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