The McDonald’s Menu Items Staff Members Actually Like to Eat

The McDonald’s Menu Items Staff Members Actually Like to Eat
Image: McDonald's Australia

We’re all partial to a 3:00 a.m. Macca’s run. Try as we might to restrain ourselves, the call of salty McDonald’s fries or a greasy quarter-pounder can be a hard one to resist. But if you’re sick of the same old cheeseburger, what should you order?

The McDonald’s menu is packed with choices that can make picking your meal a tough one. If you’re looking for a new go-to favourite we asked the people who know the menu best for their recommendations: the staff.

Here’s what the crew members at Macca’s Australia like to order.

What do McDonald’s staff actually order?

mcdonalds mcspicy menu items
McDonald’s staff share their favourite menu items. Image: Supplied

The folks at McDonald’s asked around and here’s what their staff members said were their favourite items on the menu and some tips for making the most of your meal.

Crew Member Josh was a big fan of the potato:

“Nothing beats a fresh Hash Brown!

McDonald’s Crew Coach Paige had a twist on the classic quarter pounder:

Quarter Pounder, add shredded lettuce”

Mitch (Crew Member) was also a fan of the old favourite burger:

Double Quarter Pounder (no pickles, extra ketchup, add bacon)”

Crew Members Hannah and Kira are fans of the iconic McNugget:

Chicken McNuggets – simple and tastes good!” – Hannah

“Large 10 piece Chicken McNugget meal with Vanilla Coke” – Kira

Lewis (Crew Member) was a fan of McDonald’s latest addition:

McSpicy (add cheese)”

mcdonalds double mcspicy
McDonald’s McScpicy makes the list of staff favourite menu items Image: Supplied

Alana, Shift Manager at Macca’s, said the best meal is a:

Double Cheeseburger (add extra cheese and McChicken sauce)”

For Kieran (Crew Member) nothing beats the:

Crispy Chicken deluxe meal”

Rounding out the group we have a couple of dessert favourites. Leanne (Crew Member) had a great hack with:

Chocolate Thick Shake with fries dipped in”

Meanwhile, Crew Member Fraser likes the best of both worlds:

Apple Pie mixed into a Sundae

There are some good choices there that will definitely spice up your regular Macca’s run. Are you willing to change up your order and try some of these?

Don’t forget McDonald’s is currently running its 30 days of deals promotion meaning you can get some of these hot meal ideas for a bargain!

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Do you have any favourite McDonald’s menu items that you regularly order? Let us know in the comments.

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