PSA: There’s a Cheesy Quesadilla Hiding in Guzman y Gomez’s Secret Menu

PSA: There’s a Cheesy Quesadilla Hiding in Guzman y Gomez’s Secret Menu

Did you know there’s a secret menu item available at Guzman y Gomez (GYG) restaurants in Australia? Well, there is. In uber-thrilling news, it’s come to the attention of the Lifehacker Australia team that GYG Australia has a secret, off-menu cheesy quesadilla that you can order for just $4.

Essentially, the quesadilla is a gooey, delicious mix of tortilla and melted cheese. Oh so simple, oh so yum.

How to order GYG’s secret menu item

When you next visit a GYG restaurant for a feed, you’ll notice that the cheesy quesadilla is not listed on the official menu board. It is secret, after all.

However, if you ask the staff behind the counter to add one to your order, they’ll know what you’re talking about and will sort out your dairy-filled request.

Gotta love a secret menu option, right?

Other GYG ordering hacks

The team at Guzman y Gomez Australia shared a list of other note-worthy ordering tips for when you’re next headed to get a Mexican meal. Check out the team’s most cost-effective ordering suggestions below.

  • Chipotle mayo is a bargain: Arguably one of the best sauces GYG has. You can add to any meal for only 70 cents, or even purchase a few mini tubs solo — yes it’s so good customers are asking to buy it individually!
  • Don’t sleep on the $3 taco: Launched last year, GYG has now sold over 4 million tacos. Filled with authentic style Mexican Ground Beef made from Mama Flores’ recipe, sprinkled with fresh iceberg lettuce, topped with shredded Jack cheese then packed inside a crunchy Chipotle-seasoned hard-shell corn tortilla.
  • Queso: GYG’s Queso is a must-try for cheese lovers. Looking for a bit of spice? Ask for a side of habanero salsa and drizzle it on top! It will only cost you $3.80 a pop.
  • $2.50 corn chips: On a budget? Enjoy a pretty hefty bag of corn chips for $2.50, and a side of guac if you want to splurge and spend about 5 bucks.
  • Guac is not considered an “extra” add-on: It’s an essential in most menu items, meaning you don’t pay extra for it. If you want EXTRA guac on top of your guac, then it’s only $1.

If you want advice on the healthiest items you can order from the GYG Australia menu, we have a write up on that too. But if burgers are what you’re after, you should check out the 30 deals 30 days promotion running at McDonald’s through November.

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