Gumtree Collections Shows Just How Stylish Upcycled Furniture Can Be

Gumtree Collections Shows Just How Stylish Upcycled Furniture Can Be

Aussie online marketplace Gumtree has announced a new limited-edition collection made up of upcycled home decor and accessories with Melbourne-based artist duo Josh and Matt Design. Gumtree Collections seeks to showcase just how beautiful repurposed pieces can be once shown a little love and attention, in an attempt to help shoppers save money, and our environment.

Kicking off just in time for National Recycling Week (which runs from November 8-12, 2021), users will be able to shop the marketplace’s first interiors line, Gumtree Collections with Josh & Matt, which is made up of 25 one-of-a-kind homeware pieces.

Each of the 25 items has been created by Josh & Matt (who have a hefty TikTok following, might we add) and all the pieces were originally sourced on Gumtree.

From sculptures to a lamp, there’s a nice range of options on offer and they each stand out as striking design pieces ready to bring a little extra personality to your home. You’ll also be happy to know that all proceeds from any purchases out of Gumtree Collections with Josh & Matt will be donated to Planet Ark.

On the new collaboration, Josh & Matt shared in a statement that:

“This collection is inspired by our interest in space and the universe, which we have blended with our love of colour, shape and textures. Many of the pieces are modular and interactive, which is how we like to design home décor and accessories. We designed these objects with the mindset that these will be in our own apartment, so it feels like you’re buying a piece of our home.

“We wanted to show that there’s beauty in everything and with a bit of love and care, you too can find items on Gumtree to upcycle and make a positive impact on the home and planet.

“Creating DIY objects around our home during lockdown was how Josh & Matt Design was born, and this collection feels like an extension of that. It embodies who we are and our creative journey so far.”

What’s on offer with Gumtree Collections with Josh & Matt?

eco home design gumtree collections
Image supplied. Gumtree Collections

Here’s a quick peek at some of the stand out items from the collection, if you’re keen to get shopping soon.

Below descriptions have been shared by Gumtree.

Chromatic Chaos Dining Table:

Image supplied. Gumtree Collections

Chromatic chaos is the best type of chaos. Each seat at the table gets their own unique colour journey thanks to the colour shifting glass. Everything about this table is magic, from colourful shadows to coloured reflections. Walking around this table will reveal its hidden rainbow — you won’t want to stop walking around it!

Supernova Mirror:

You’ll want to get up close and personal to this supernova to appreciate all the colour and beauty! Finished in a striking yellow, each rod has a little polymer clay sun attached to the end.

Picture Frame Shelves:

Gumtree Collections
Image supplied. Gumtree Collections

These shelves are essentially giant textured sculptural picture frames, but for your décor and home objects! Each shelf has a frame allowing for your treasured items to be displayed in a unique way whilst keeping them safe.

Entity Floor Lamp:

What do you get when you mix a traditional floor lamp and a cosmic alien cow? This crazy floor lamp that’s sure to spark conversation.

How to get started in upcycling yourself

If all this talk about repurposing pre-loved pieces of furniture has you itching for a DIY project, Josh & Matt shared a little guidance on how to pick a project piece to start with.

Speaking with Lifehacker Australia, the duo said:

“When searching for furniture that would be a good base for upcycling we like to stick to our top three materials that are almost fool proof. Wood, glass and metal are always a great canvas to start on as they last a long time, are high quality and offer a variety of ways to upcycle them.

“For example, dichroic film for glass, lacquered wood or refinished metal. We also recommend to go for the highest quality of that material you can find. Solid wood will outlast particle board, and tempered glass is much sturdier than the average glass panel.”

Once you’ve got your base sorted, you can be as creative as you like. Whether it’s simply a coat of paint or a detailed project packed with embellishments, that’s completely up to you.

If you’d like to get started, you can shop your first piece on Gumtree (or similar) and if you’d like to see more of the Gumtree Collective range, hop on the website to get shopping.

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