How to Tell if Your Dog Really Does Love You

How to Tell if Your Dog Really Does Love You
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I think we’re all in agreement when I say dogs are too pure for this world and we don’t deserve them. They’re sweet little darling companions and bringing one into your life is a surefire way to win yourself a whole lot of affection. But what are the key signs your dog really loves you and isn’t just angling for a belly rub?

TikTok creator @milliethenoodlehorse got a whole lot of attention online recently after sharing a video that explained the three key signs that your pooch has a lot of love for you.

Here’s what she shared.

How to tell if your dog actually loves you

In her video @milliethenoodlehorse explained the following signs are big indicators of your dog’s adoration for you.

1. Affection without food

In a nutshell, any old dog is likely to show you love if they’re after a feed. But if you watch how your pup behaves post-meal, that will show you how they really feel.

“Studies show that dogs that go straight to you after a meal are displaying obvious signs that they love you,” she shared.

Rebecca Greenstein, veterinarian and medical advisor spoke with our pals at Business Insider Australia about this and explained that puppy cuddles generally are a pretty clear sign your dog loves you.

“Gentle touching and nuzzling mimic maternal affection between puppies and their original dog moms. These physical activities induce the release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin, in both species,” she said.

2. They get super excited when you come home

Your dog responding to your arrival with a wagging tail and a burst of energy is a pretty clear sign they enjoy your company, yeah?

@milliethenoodlehorse shared in her TikTok video that “researchers find that a happy, noisy, tail-wagging greeting is one of the surest signs that you and your dog are connected”.

Jamie Richardson, veterinarian and medical chief of staff at Small Door Veterinary, told Business Insider that dogs who love you may even respond happily to hearing your name.

“Over time, dogs learn to recognise human names. If they hear a loved one’s name mentioned who isn’t present, they’ll get excited at the thought that they might appear,” Richardson said.

Just be sure to pay attention to their behaviour overall as sometimes tail wagging can be a sign of discomfort, too.

3. Sleeping close to you

If your pooch likes to nap near to you, it’s likely a sign they trust and like being around you, @milliethenoodlehorse shared.

Vetstreet echoes this thought, saying you should feel pretty loved by your dog if they decide to sleep beside you.

If you lie down or fall asleep, on the other hand, a sign your pup cares for you is if they come over and give you a lick. Michelle L. Szydlowski, veterinary technician and an anthrozoology instructor told Business Insider shared that:

“Some dogs will lick your head and face desperately if they think you are unconscious or unresponsive,” said Szydlowski.

This too can be considered a sign of love. So, just to be clear: dogs sleeping near you = love and dogs not letting you sleep near them also = love.

If you’d like to see the original video, we’ve popped it in for you below:


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