Pining For A New Christmas Tree? We’ve Got You Covered

Pining For A New Christmas Tree? We’ve Got You Covered
Image: iStock/Tom Merton
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When you think of the festive season, Christmas trees are sure to spring to mind.

The origins of Christmas trees stem back hundreds of years but the modern tree, was thought to have begun in Germany. It started out as a prop in a medieval play about Adam and Eve, nicknamed the “paradise tree”. In the play, the tree was a fir that was decorated with wafers to symbolise the Eucharist and candles to represent Christ as the “light of the world”.

By the 18th century, the triangular-shaped Christmas tree had become widespread in Lutheran Germany before being introduced to England in the 19th century. From there, it went everywhere.

Australians tend to celebrate Christmas differently compared to other countries around the world. But what remains consistent is that there’s always been a tree. Plus, cricket on the beach with a few beers and endless prawns.

While some dedicated Christmas goers like to splash out on a real tree every year, some of us prefer to avoid the hassle and resurrect the ye olde reliable plastic one instead.

But with purchasing a fake tree comes the pressure of choosing the right one. After all, your next tree is an investment and you’ll likely keep the same one for five to ten years. So to make the festive season a little less stressful, we’ve rounded up the best ones we can find for every budget. The only thing you need to worry about is when to put your tree up and when to take it down.

Best Flocked Christmas Trees

Classic white christmas interior.
Image: iStock/prescott09

Down under, there’s no such thing as a “white Christmas”. Thanks to American movies, the concept of a white Christmas has been forever idealised in many of our minds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a winter wonderland at home.

The best way to do this is with a flocked tree, which is one covered in an artificial dusting of snow.

They’re best decorated in a combination of rose gold, blue, gold and silver decorations. If you want a bold look for your tree, look to red and gold ornaments with a few sprigs of holly to make it pop.

On the cheaper end, you can get this good-sized flocked tree for $119.90. Unlike most trees, this one comes decorated with white berries and poinsettia flowers for a traditional touch.

Although, if you’d rather a more traditional tree, you can’t look past this simple 4ft tree which is available for $125.30.

For something taller and fuller, this Super Holiday 6ft tree is a good choice with its lifelike branch tips and straight canopy. You can grab yours here for $183.52.

Or go even taller with this 240cm Myer flocked arrow pine Christmas tree for $329. If you’re a Myer One member you can get it for $246.75.

Finally, if you’d like to skip the hassle of untangling lights and dancing around your tree, you should consider this HHORB pre-lit tree for $395.99. This fiber optic flocked Christmas tree standing at 150cm is available for $169. It’s quite rare to catch a flocked fiber optic out in the wild and this one makes quite the transformation from day to night.

Be warned, while flocked trees look beautiful, they can be awfully messy to set up. You’ll need a good vacuum handy when it’s time to unpack.

Best White Christmas Trees

Image: iStock/SolStock

Similar to a flocked tree and just as good at pulling off a white Christmas theme, a white Christmas tree takes it that one step farther.

Any ornament you put on a white tree is sure to stand out rather than on a green tree.

While not as common as a traditional tree, white trees are perfect for enhancing a wintry theme. It’s so versatile that you can decorate it with anything, from bold reds to brilliant blues. It’s quite common to see many households take heed of the rose gold trend.

Make your home feel all the more cosy by using warm yellow lights.

The cheapest option we’ve found is this 6ft Ariv White Christmas Tree for $79.99. If you’ve got the high ceilings, you could spend a few extra dollars and go with this 7ft Jingle Jollys White Christmas tree for $82.41.

However, if you’re tight on space and can’t fit a tree that’s thick and bushy, then this 6.5ft white pencil tree would be more ideal. You can get yours here for $217.22.

Now all you need to worry about is fending off your pesky house cat.

Best Traditional Christmas Trees

Image: iStock/jacoblund

When all else fails, the classic green Christmas tree never goes out of style.

My favourite thing about a traditional tree is that it doesn’t matter what colour tinsel you choose, it all works. Feel like a red and gold tree this year? That’ll look sweet. Want to change it up for a rainbow display? That’ll do too!

While there are an abundance of green trees, it’s hard to find one that resembles a real life one. Thankfully for you, we’ve handpicked a few full and lush trees to help you fake it ’til you make it. While most trees are made of plastic, you can elevate the Christmas vibe by sticking a Scenticles Christmas Tree fragrance between its branches. For $17.99, you can make your tree smell like a genuine Christmas tree, Christmas berry or a spiced pine cone.

The great thing about traditional trees is that they come in an array of prices to match every person’s budget. For instance, you can get this 2.1m tree for $19 from Catch.

Myer does a great range of Christmas trees every year however, their price tags aren’t be for everyone. For $149, you can this 210cm tall, Deluxe Reno Pine Tree that is great quality and will last you years. Perhaps the most realistic tree I’ve seen though, is the New Oregon Cashmere Pine Christmas Tree. For $199, you can enjoy having this full, 6ft tree in your home. But what really draws my eye is the depth of colours in its branches and their thistle-like texture.

If you want something more middle ground in price, this 6ft green Christmas tree is sitting at $69.99 (down from $78.99).

Best Mini Christmas Trees

Mini tree
Image: National Tree Company

Sometimes we’re tight for space and sometimes we just want to bring the joy of Christmas everywhere we go.

Perfect for your work desk or your shopfront, these little Christmas trees are a great way of spreading merriment.

First up is this adorable pre-lit mini Christmas tree with its own bow. Standing at an ideal 2ft tall, it possesses natural looking branches and a charming red burlap sack. You can shop it here for $57.60.

If you want to incorporate a rustic Christmas theme this year, you can’t go wrong with this pre-lit Christmas tree featuring glittery pine cones and natural burlap base. It’s a truly stunning piece that can sit in the middle of your dining or coffee table. Get yours here for $74.05.

For a cheaper option, you can swipe this holly adorned tabletop tree for $30.97.

For fans of those colourful fiber optic Christmas trees, you can get this dazzling golden-tipped tree for $89. It’s decorated with a bright star on top and a cluster of yellow light-up stars around its branches.

Finally, we can’t let you leave without ensuring you’re properly equipped for when your new tree arrives. After the silly season, make sure you pack your tree away with this water-resistant Christmas tree storage bag. Instead of keeping it in its original box, put it in a storage bag to prevent them from getting damaged. You can even stash some baubles or tinsel inside to keep it altogether. You can get yours here for $64.99.

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