9 Gadgets Under $35 That’ll Help Organise Your Bathroom

9 Gadgets Under $35 That’ll Help Organise Your Bathroom
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I don’t know about you, but weirdly, the more organised my space is, the better my brain feels. There’s something so incredibly satisfying about finding a home for everything when you only have a small amount of space. You can walk into any room and instantly know where everything is without having to tear the place apart. (Yes, mum, I finally get it). The only thing I love more than a well-organised space is a gadget that helps do it for me.

Take organising my bathroom, for example. The minute I put everything away and tidy up all the cupboards and draws, I realise I’ve got six unopened bottles of shampoo, four new razor heads and a whole bunch of hair ties I’d long thought I’d lost. I now know what I do and don’t need to stock up on, and I know that next time I’m in a rush, there are 65 hair bands in the top left drawer of the cupboard.

That said, it always takes me forever to organise things because neatly stacking everything into the cupboard just won’t do. I want to be able to see and access things easily. So I’m forever trawling places like Amazon for nifty little gadgets that make organising things that much easier.

Since I recently re-organised my tiny Sydney bathroom, I decided to share with you everything I found on Amazon that made cleaning up my bathroom that much easier. Everything on this list either helped create space in my bathroom or utilise what was already there even better. Plus, they all come in at under $35 bucks.

The Best Bathroom Organisers and Gadgets From TikTok

Shower Suction Hooks, $12.99


If you’ve got minimal shelf space in your shower, these shower suction hooks are an easy fix. The waterproof hooks are designed to hold a range of bathroom essentials including, razors, bath brushes, loofahs, and squeegees. You can also use them outside the shower to hang towels and bathrobes as well.

You can buy the Shower Suction Hooks ($12.99) from Amazon here.

Shower Door Hooks, $20.99


These shower door hooks are a renters dream and an easy way to add more towel hanging space to your tiny bathroom. They come in four colourways — black, gold, copper and silver — so you can pick hardware that suits your bathroom faucets.

You can buy the Shower Door Hooks ($20.99) from Amazon here.

Flex Toilet Brush was $49.95, now $31

I keep seeing these flexy toilet brushes all over TikTok, so naturally, I had to investigate. Apparently, they’re a lot more hygienic than traditional toilet brushes. The flexible head means that it can reach all areas, doesn’t clog and has anti-drip bristles, making it a much more effective way to clean your toot.

You can buy the Flex Toilet Brush (now $31) from Amazon here.

Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder, $30.85


Another great #AmazonFind that I came across on TikTok, this magnetic bobby pin holder. You simply wave it over the top of your loose bobby pins, and it scoops them up, then all you have to do is flip it over, and it’s a little tray for them. *chef’s kisses*

You can buy the Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder ($30.85) from Amazon here.

Toothpaste Dispenser and Tooth Brush Holder, $19.66

Not sure why I wasted so many years of my adult life just chucking my toothbrush and toothpaste in the cupboard when I could have been using this nifty little device! Designed to house both your toothbrushes and toothpaste, this little baby is an easy way to free up some space in your bathroom cabinet or countertop.

Toothpaste Dispenser and Tooth Brush Holder ($19.66) from Amazon here.

Tube Squeezer, $9.88


If you’re not after the whole kit and kaboodle, this little toothpaste tube squeezer is a great alternative. This little baby will help you get every last bit out of your product.

You can buy a Tube Squeezer ($9.88) from Amazon here.

Hairdryer & Hair Straightener Holder, $22.98


Save yourself hours of untangling cords and awkwardly shoving hair tools away with this hairdryer and straightener holder. How we don’t all have one of these in our bathrooms already is beyond me!

You can buy the Hairdryer & Hair Straightener Holder ($22.98) from Amazon here.

A Fogless Shower Mirror, $25.09

If you’re constantly shaving over the basin and making a mess, why not invest in a fogless shower mirror and save yourself the cleanup.

You can buy a Fogless Shower Mirror ($25.09) from Amazon here.

Hair Catcher Stopper Shower Drain, $9.97

If you live with someone with long hair, you’ll know the disgusting feeling of pulling hair from the drain. Gosh, I gag just thinking about it. To me, it’s like sticking your hand in a dirty sink to remove the plug. Yikes! This little baby aims to prevent all that. You simply pop it over your drain, and it catches the hair. Depending on how much hair you lose while washing it will determine how often you’ll have to clean it.

You can buy the Hair Catcher Stopper Shower Drain ($9.97) from Amazon here.

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