Here’s How You Can Make Squid Game’s Dalgona Candy At Home

Here’s How You Can Make Squid Game’s Dalgona Candy At Home
Image: Netflix

You’ve probably seen a lot of talk about Squid Game recently, and for good reason – it just became Netflix’s most-watched series of all time. While it’s unclear if there will be any further seasons of the show, there are ways you can continue the Squid Game hype at home. For example, recreating the dalgona candy challenge.

One of the games the Squid Game contestants must compete in is a sinister challenge of ppopgi that requires them to cut out shapes in slabs of honeycomb toffee without them breaking.

Unsurprisingly, this challenge has gone viral online as folks rush to see if they could survive in Squid Game – just without the threat of murder and all.

If you’re wanting to try this out yourself we’ve found a recipe that will help you make Squid Game’s dalgona honeycomb candy at home.

How to make Squid Game’s dalgona candy

Luckily, dalgona candy isn’t as hard to cook as it is to carve, so you can keep trying until you get it right.

This Instagram recipe from New York Times Cooking lays it out.

The recipe is pretty basic but does involve some precision.

Start by melting some sugar in a ladle or saucepan over a flame on low heat, stirring continuously so it melts evenly.

Then stir in some baking soda and pour onto oiled baking paper. Fold over your baking paper and flatten it down.

Then use a cookie cutter to imprint your chosen design (only use an umbrella if you’re brave). Allow the honeycomb to cool and harden then use a needle to try and win the game.

If you’ve seen Squid Game, you’ll know some tactics work better than others in the ppopgi challenge.

Some contestants chose to try and snap off the edges around their shape, others used a lighter to warm up the needle. A last-minute method that worked for Gi-Hun was to repeatedly lick the back of his honeycomb slab until it was thin enough to gently carve apart.

Which method works best in practice? Well, now you can find out.

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