Tips For Selling Your iPhone Online Safely

Tips For Selling Your iPhone Online Safely

We’re currently basking in the release of a new iPhone and if you’re considering upgrading, it’s time to think about what to do with your old model. You can pass it on to a family member, trade it in at Apple, or you can have a go at selling your iPhone online yourself.

If the latter option appeals to you we have some tips to help.

How to sell your iPhone online safely

Whenever a new iPhone releases, marketplaces always become crowded with used devices.

It’s a haven for those who are hoping to grab a deal on an iPhone that isn’t necessarily the latest model. It’s also a prime time to offload those unused devices you have lying around the house, and potentially score some cash you can put towards an iPhone 13.

To help you on your journey, the folks at Gumtree passed on some top tips for preparing your old device for sale online.

Prep for success

When you list your iPhone online, remember that it might actually be sold. So, you’ll want to prepare to part ways with it. There are a few steps to this process:

  • Back all your data up to iCloud or your desktop.
  • Sign out of all your accounts (particularly iMessage and the App store)
  • Unpair your AirPods and Apple Watch or other devices
  • Wipe and reset your iPhone
  • Give your iPhone a good clean. It’s a bonus if you’ve kept the original box or receipt for the new owner.
  • Don’t forget to remove the SIM card.

Be descriptive and use great pictures

When it comes to the listing itself the team at Gumtree suggest you give as much detail as possible.

Don’t skimp on the details when you’re giving a description of your iPhone. List the year you bought it, the model and why you’ve decided to sell it. Be open about any damage to the phone (even if it’s small), and include this in the photos as well so any potential buyers can clearly see the state the phone is in.

You can also use other listings on Gumtree or the marketplace you’re selling on as a guide. See what details others have included so you don’t forget anything. Other listings can also give you a good idea of how much your iPhone is worth and what price you should ask for.

Photos are equally important. Plenty of people judge off photos online so make sure you make the effort to take good quality pictures that show the entire phone. Take them in a well-lit area and capture every angle of your device.

Communication is key

If you’re listing online it’s your responsibility to make sure the sale goes through, so good communication is vital.

If a potential buyer messages and fails to get a response in a timely manner, they might move on to find a different seller especially with so many iPhones up for sale. Do your best to respond quickly to potential buyers, stay on top of interest by turning on notifications in the Gumtree app and be friendly and helpful in your dealings with fellow Gummies.

Trade safely

With a global pandemic still going on, it’s important to be careful and follow each state’s COVID-19 guidelines when organising the sale of your product.

If you’re exchanging in person, the team recommends that you meet in a neutral location and bring a friend or family member with you.

Gumtree has some COVID safety tips that can help you out, along with a contactless trade badge that you can select to show you are following safety precautions.

It’s also important to be wary of scammers when selling online, so make sure their payment has checked out before handing over the iPhone.

If you’d rather just take your old iPhone straight to Apple, that is an option, but you might lose a chunk of value in the process. You can find the latest Apple trade-in prices here.

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