8 Clever Ways to Keep the Sand at the Beach and Out of Your Car

8 Clever Ways to Keep the Sand at the Beach and Out of Your Car
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Summer is in full swing and Aussies are flocking to the beach in droves. From splashing in the ocean to reading a book under a shady umbrella — days spent at the beach are a favourite for many. The worst part? Trying to remove sand.

Sand is one of those strange things that manages to stick itself to places you never thought possible. Everywhere you go in the days following, you’ll leave a little trail of the stuff behind you. Surely by now, someone has discovered a hassle-free way to remove sand? Luckily for you, we can think of a few.

From baby powder to microfibre cloths, this is your comprehensive guide to sand removal 101. First up, we’ll tell you how to keep the sand off your body. Failing that, we’ve also included a few hacks to remove it from your car as well.

How to remove sand from your body

Use baby powder

Fun fact: baby powder is great for removing sand from your body (especially between the toes). Ensure your sandy body has had time to dry before generously applying baby powder to the sandy area. Wipe off the excess and voila — it’s like you were never even at the beach.

Basically, the powder works to absorb moisture on the skin, making it easier to brush off the sand. It can even work in wet hair to help release any pesky grains of sand still stuck in your scalp.

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Pull up a chair

Laying down on your towel after an ocean swim is the easiest way to get sand everywhere. All it takes is a slight breeze and your towel is buried 5 metres deep. Bringing a beach chair with you provides elevation and protection from the sand — plus, it’s a little more comfortable.

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Take a microfibre beach towel

For some reason, our beach towels love to collect sand. Microfibre beach towels are thinner, lighter and softer than most — so they’re easier to shake all the sand out of before you plonk yourself down. This is a great alternative if a beach chair isn’t really your style.

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Wear thongs

This goes without saying but wearing combat boots to the beach is a recipe for disaster. Your feet are ground zero for sticky sand, so wearing open toed shoes is always the way to go. Wearing thongs allows the sand to fall off naturally on your walk back to the car.

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How to remove sand from your car

Always take a mesh bag

One of the best tips for keeping sand out of your car and home is to take a mesh beach bag. There’s nothing worse than getting home and dumping the entire beach on your living room floor when you empty your bag. A carry bag made of mesh ensures all the sand falls out before it gets anywhere near your car.

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Use a cordless vacuum

Whipping out the vacuum is the quickest and least painful method for getting sand out of the car. Sand has a lovely way of sneaking into every nook and cranny — so make sure you get the nozzle across every inch of the car. It’ll be sand-free in no time.

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Brush it out

If the sand has well and truly stuck to the carpet and even the vacuum can’t budge it, it’s time to get the brush out. The brush works to release sand particles that might have set in, making it easier for the vacuum to do its job.

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Grab a microfibre cloth

For the wheels and dashboard, a microfibre cloth will be your best friend. Leaving the sand to ingrain itself can have a detrimental impact on your car if left uncleaned, so get in there and give everything a wipe down to be safe.

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