Magnum’s New Ice Creams Are Inspired By Iconic Cities So You Can Eat Your Wanderlust

Magnum’s New Ice Creams Are Inspired By Iconic Cities So You Can Eat Your Wanderlust

When you haven’t been able to travel for 18 months what do you do? Eating ice cream seems like the next best thing. Well, you’re in luck because Magnum’s new Destinations range is here to save the day.

Seeing as no one can go anywhere, Magnum is attempting to take our tastebuds on a trip to four iconic travel hotspots through the flavours of its new ice cream range.

On the agenda are Las Vegas, Amsterdam, New York and Tahiti. Around the world in four ice creams? I’ll take it.

What are Magnum’s new ice cream flavours?

magnum ice cream
Image: Magnum (Supplied)

These decadent new flavours combine the best of Magnum ice cream with the unique flavours of each destination. Gaze upon the line-up below and try not to drool:

  • Amsterdam Chocolate & Cookie Butter – a vanilla custard flavoured ice cream with cookie butter swirl covered in crackling milk chocolate and biscuit pieces that take you to the vibrant streets of Amsterdam with its delicious Speculaas.
  • Tahiti Passionfruit White Chocolate – vanilla custard flavoured ice cream with an elegant passionfruit swirl covered in thick white chocolate with a hint of coconut capturing the passion of a tropical Tahiti summer.
  • New York Chocolate Cheesecake – creamy velvety cheesecake flavoured ice cream with a chocolate swirl, topped with cracking milk chocolate and cookie pieces inspired by the iconic New York cheesecake.
  • Las Vegas Caramelised Chocolate & Cookie – an exquisite white chocolate ice cream swirled with luscious caramel and cased in decadent caramelised chocolate speckled with vanilla biscuit pieces inspired by the bright, golden lights and energetic city of Las Vegas.

Excuse me while I book myself a trip to my local supermarket and buy every ice cream on this list.

The Magnum Destinations ice creams are available in boxes of 4 for $9.50 at Coles and IGA supermarkets.

The Las Vegas line is rarer, however, and can only be found in single serves at convenience stores and petrol stations. You’ll just have to take a $4.80 gamble and hope your corner store has one (I’ll see myself out).

Now the only question left to ask is, where to first?

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