How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11

How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11

If you’ve installed Windows 11 — the most recent version of Microsoft’s operating system for PCs — you may now be wondering how to run Android apps on your computer; because although Microsoft promised to let you run those apps via the Amazon Appstore for Android, the feature hasn’t actually been rolled out yet. Until Microsoft offers the capability in a future update, you can still download and run Android apps and games on your Windows PC, though.

(Plus, it’s worth mentioning that the Amazon Appstore for Android doesn’t have all the apps that Google Play does anyway. So even if you do wait for the update, some of your favourite apps may still not be available.)

Instead of using Amazon’s Appstore, we’ll use Android emulators. Here are a few of the best emulators we found — with the caveat that because Windows 11 is new, you can expect to see some bugs in all of these emulators. With time, however, software updates should bring more stability.


Bluestacks has been around for a long time, and it has improved a lot over the years. This emulator lets you download and install apps from Google Play, which is a big plus, and many of its best features are gaming-focused. So if you want to play your favourite Android games with a keyboard and a mouse, Bluestacks is a good choice — it lets you create macros and scripts to map your favourite actions to keyboard shortcuts, which saves you time while gaming.

Also, it lets you quickly change your device profile to run apps exclusive to certain devices. Some games, such as PUBG Mobile, are best run in the developer’s own emulators, but most other apps and games work well with Bluestacks.


Tencent, the Chinese tech giant, owns GameLoop, and as its name suggests, its focus is on game play. Because Tencent published PUBG Mobile and a host of other mobile games, the focus of GameLoop is to give you the best possible experience while playing those games. It features an anti-cheat system, too, which is good if you are looking to avoid hackers in your games.


NoxPlayer is also targeted largely at people who want to game, and if you are having issues with Bluestacks or GameLoop, give NoxPlayer a shot. It has the features you need for gaming — support for keyboard and mouse, recording macros, and the ability to run multiple games at once.



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