These Scalp Massagers Claim to Promote Hair Growth, so Sign Me and My Tresses up

These Scalp Massagers Claim to Promote Hair Growth, so Sign Me and My Tresses up
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In the last year alone, you’ve probably noticed the haircare industry bringing out more treatments targeting your scalp health — exfoliating scalp scrubs, micellar shampoos, detox sprays, and now, scalp massager brushes.

Scalp massagers do exactly what it sounds like — they’re a handheld, brush-like device that you can use to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp. You’ve probably noticed them starting to pop up online, which of course has piqued your interest and you’ve ended up here. But is using one actually better for your scalp health than a massage with your fingers? 

Short answer: yep, it can be! Healthy hair starts with your scalp, so if your scalp is littered with dead skin cells and product buildup, it makes it much harder for your hair to grow properly. 

Regularly using a scalp brush when you shampoo your hair helps to remove all the dead skin cells and product that’s accumulated between washes. The massaging motion alone is also said to help stimulate growth, as it promotes blood circulation in the hair follicle and can help to deliver more nutrients. So you really don’t have anything to lose by incorporating one into your routine. Plus, they feel so damn good! 

That said, if you’re someone who suffers from scalp irritation, dandruff or psoriasis, you might want to skip the scalp massage. Rubbing or scrubbing the scalp when it’s in that condition can further cause irritation, inflammation and swelling. Scalp brushes act more as a preventative in this instance than a treatment. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a range of affordable scalp massagers you can buy online and have delivered to your door. 

DACUAN Hair Scalp Massager, $7.49

We love that this one comes with a little strap, so that if your hands get too slippery in the shower (which they inevitably do), you won’t drop the brush.

Buy the DACUAN Hair Scalp Massager ($7.49) from Amazon here.

Renpho Electric Scalp Massager, on sale for $55.24 (was $69.99)

If moving your own arm to massage your head feels like too much work, this totally waterproof electric option could be for you. Four massage heads with 76 individual nodes will have you feeling clean and zen.

Buy the Renpho Electric Scalp Massager ($55.24, was $69.99) from Amazon here.

Soaab Scalp Brush, $9.89

Unlike some of the other brushes, this one has little finger grooves so you can hold it comfortably while you massage your scalp.

Buy the Soaab Scalp Brush ($9.89) from Amazon here.

Ezzimart Scalp Massager, $7.97


Both the pink and green versions of this little brush have soft, but firm bristles to avoid any hair plucking while you massage your scalp.

Buy the Ezzimart Scalp Massager ($7.97) from Amazon here.

Flokie Hair Scalp Massager, $6.99

This scalp brush is suitable for all different hair types — short, long, wet, dry, straight, curly, thick, thin and everything in between.

Buy the Flokie Hair Scalp Massager ($6.99) from Amazon here.

KAYZI Shampoo Brush, $7.19

The Kayzi shampoo brush gives your scalp a deep cleansing massage and improves overall hair health by stimulating blood flow in the scalp.

Buy the KAYZI Shampoo Brush ($6.95) from Amazon here.

BOWE & BOWE Scalp Massager, $15.99

We love an eco-friendly hero. This scalp massager will do everything the rest of them do, but it’s made of eco-friendly wheat material which is non-toxic, odourless and free of BPA’s and chemicals. Plus the company that makes them is based in Brisbane.

Buy the BOWE & BOWE Scalp Massager ($15.99) from Amazon here.

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