The Best iPhone Tripods To Improve Your Photography Game

The Best iPhone Tripods To Improve Your Photography Game
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Each year iPhone cameras seem to be improving so rapidly it’s hard to keep up. And it’s even harder to remember the last time you dusted off that SLR you just had to have a couple of years ago. So, we’ve found the best way to level up your iPhone photography game with the use of different tripods.

What is the benefit of using an iPhone tripod?

Introducing an iPhone tripod to your photography practice is useful for a whole bunch of reasons. The first of which is a steady shot.

While you can use your volume button to take a potentially sharper photo on your iPhone, using a tripod means no camera shake, thus an even sharper image.

Of course, using the timer function on your phone also means you’re less likely to see any camera movement, but if you have an Apple Watch, you can use that along with a tripod to take photos without having to touch your iPhone at all. Some tripods also come with remotes for this purpose.

This reduction in movement is also particularly useful in lower light settings. iPhones are great for photography when the lighting is good, but they can struggle a little once it becomes darker. So, to get the best out of your photos in low light, a tripod is the perfect accessory. Zero movement = a sharp shot.

Other reasons you may need an iPhone tripod in your life include wanting to get a big shot of your friends and family and wanting to take long exposure photography. If you don’t have a tripod, there is no way you will get a crisp shot.

So, with all that considered, let’s take a peek at some of the best iPhone tripods around right now.

The best tripods for phone photography

Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod, $38 (currently 46% off)

Joby Gorillapod iPhone tripod
Photo: Joby

If you’re preparing for a trip and don’t trust anyone else to take photos for you, or maybe you’re embarking on a solo trip and want some pics that aren’t selfies, the Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod is probably right up your alley.

This tripod is perfect for uneven surfaces or wrapping around objects like poles. It’s also small enough that it’ll fit into a bag and won’t be annoying.

The plastic ball head lets you adjust the angle of your iPhone with a full 360-degree rotation. The legs are also nice and stiff, which means your phone isn’t going to wobble around.

You can also use this iPhone tripod to help you shoot steadier footage by holding the legs like a selfie stick. On that note, you could use it as a selfie stick as well! Because, let’s be honest, sometimes only a selfie will do.

The one downside of this tripod is that it is very short, so it’s not the perfect tripod for everyone. But it’s a good option if you’re travelling and want something light.

Manfrotto Compact Light Tripod, $69.48 (currently 44% off)

manfrotto iphone tripod
Photo: Manfrotto

This is not a full-size tripod, but it’s a level up from the Joby GripTight. This Manfrotto tripod is excellent if you want to shoot from a lower angle, or you have somewhere you can put the tripod on, like a table, if you’re going to shoot a bit higher.

It’s one of the lightest full-size tripods available and comes with a padded shoulder bag to make it easier to carry.

This gives you more choice when shooting at different angles and heights and is perfect for long exposure photography, or if you want to shoot landscapes, still life, portraits or macro photography.

You can also up your food porn shots by setting up the tripod on a table and angling the phone down. This iPhone tripod is very sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over.

It’s also a great one for landscape shots if you’re travelling.

Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit, $329.95

Joby mobile vlogging kit
Photo: Joby

This tripod is quite pricey but perfect for any budding vloggers or anyone who wants to get decent video shots on their iPhone.

The Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit features a tripod very similar to the first Joby product we mentioned, but it also features a light and a microphone. Fancy!

According to Joby, the light, which is a 1000-lumen LED, will “produce flawless skin tones”. Sign us up. The microphone is also compact but well-built.

This iPhone tripod is also controllable via Bluetooth, which makes it really easy to use and if you ever want to, you can switch the clamp for your iPhone for a regular camera instead.

This tripod is also great for any TikTokers out there.

Shoulderpod S2, $29.95

shoulderpod s2 iPhone tripod
Photo: Shoulderpod

OK, so this one technically isn’t a tripod, but it’s an interesting alternative to a traditional iPhone tripod and is really comfortable for aspiring vloggers.

It can also sit evenly on a flat surface, so you can set it down and use it similarly to a tripod when you’re not holding it.

Another excellent option for travelling that won’t break the bank.

Now that you’re clued up on which tripod options are on hand, the only thing left to do is arm yourself with some serious iPhone photography hacks – here’s one we prepared earlier on that.

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