No, You’re Not Meant to Burn These Beautiful Body Candles

No, You’re Not Meant to Burn These Beautiful Body Candles
Contributor: Bree Grant
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By now, you’ve probably seen body candles all over social media. Busts and sculptures of both the naked female and male form are nothing new — they’ve been a part of the art world since the beginning of time. But these days, the naked body is really having a moment in home décor.

You can easily find a range of vases, single-line drawings, candles and mugs that have been inspired by the female body — and they’re highly Instagrammable (read: too beautiful to burn). They come in all different shapes, sizes and skin tones, just like real women, so you can proudly display in your home.

Body candles are also an interior trend that won’t break the bank — they range from $15 to $30 in price. They’re also cheap enough that they make a great gift for just about any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a set of three, or a more detailed, statement candle, we’ve created an edit of all the best body candles you can buy online.

Body Soy Candle 2pcs, $24.22


This two-pack is a nice simple entry into the world of decorating with body candles. They’re nine centimetres high, so easy to find an alluring spot for them.

Buy the Body Soy Candles ($24.22) from Amazon here.

Female Torso Vegan Soy Wax Scented Candle, $31.99

These soy wax candles are 100 percent vegan, have no fragrance for those sensitive to smells and are 100 percent biodegradable. Plus they come in black and white to shake up your decorating.

Buy the Female Torso Vegan Soy Wax Scented Candle ($31.99) from Amazon here.

Perfk Torso Aromatherapy Candle, $13.99

Available in five different colours, this nine-centimetre torso candle adds an aromatherapy aspect to your decorating, with a scent for relaxation.

Buy the Perfk Torso Aromatherapy Candle ($13.99) from Amazon here.

Rainbow Drizzle Torso Candle, $43.96

You can never have too much rainbow, a point that’s proven by this amazing hand-drizzled candle, The rainbow over white adds a striking element. They are a range of scents for you to choose from as well.

Buy the Rainbow Drizzle Torso Candle ($43.96) from Etsy here.

Curvy Goddess Candles, $18.86

body candles

Each of these candles is individually hand-poured in small batches, making them completely unique and different. They also come in a variety of different shades of nude. 

Buy the Curvy Goddess Candles ($18.86) from Etsy here.

Naked Body Booty Candle Set, $15.39

body candles

Naked body candles are inspired by female and male bodies. Each candle is hand-poured (making them one of a kind) using 100 percent natural soy wax. They’re fragrance-free, but scented ones are available.

Buy the Naked Body Booty Candle Set ($15.39) from Etsy here. 


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