We Got a Sneaky Taste of ALDI’s Boujee Christmas Range

We Got a Sneaky Taste of ALDI’s Boujee Christmas Range

As if ALDI wasn’t already the party supermarket — cheese, wine and you’ve got yourself a shindig — they’ve gone all fancy pants for the festive season. Brace yourselves for the luxe ALDI Christmas range: the Curated Collection.

Now while ALDI will still be serving up its classic range of festive goodies, this Curated Collection is a little something extra on top — including a Luxury 30-month Matured Pudding. Excuse me while a grab a napkin for the drool.

The slick packaging also makes this range great for gift giving. Remember, when a host tells you “oh, you don’t need to bring anything” they are lying. Always, ALWAYS bring a lil’ something if you’re invited to someone’s house.

Here’s the full line-up of products in ALDI’s Curated Collection:

Luxury 10 month Vintage Pudding – $14.99

Luxury 30 month Matured Pudding 907g – $19.99

All Butter Fruit Mince Pies 6pk – $4.99

Milk and Dark Salted Caramels 180g – $6.99

Luxury Fudge 150g – $4.99

Christmas Fruit Cake 800g – $10.99

Christmas Fruit Cake 200g – $3.99

Iced Christmas Cake 900g – $16.99

Christmas Cake Selection 9pk/740g – $16.99

Premium Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml – $7.99

Finishing Vinegar 250ml – $6.99

Mediterranean Style Dukkah 100g – $3.99

Sweet Crispbreads Assorted 150g- $5.99

Australian Wild Olives 300g – $5.99

Roasted and Salted Mixed Nuts 400g – $12.99

Handcrafted British Honeycomb 250g – $4.99

Gourmet Soft Nougat 150g – $4.99

Luxury Butterscotch 125g – $5.99

Scottish Shortbread Fingers 360g – $10.99

Specialty Coffee Beans 500g – $14.99

Luxury Wagyu Biltong 200g – $19.99

There’s something for everyone, from savoury to sweets.

What’s the top pick from ALDI’s Christmas range?

ALDI Christmas range of cakes
It’s luxe, mates.

Well, dear readers, I took it upon myself to take one for the team and taste-test a sampling of ALDI’s fancy festive range.

I can confirm the fudge is not the chewy kind I grew up with — it’s a melt in your mouth style.

The salted caramel flavour is subtle, thankfully, but honestly this product should come with a warning because it’s incredibly moreish. Good luck stopping at just a handful of pieces.

But my absolute favourite is the mini Christmas cakes.

I usually make my own Christmas cakes and puddings (you can try my sneaky pudding-while-you-sleep recipe here), so I know how much work goes into them.

I’ve never had much luck with store-bought fruit cakes — they’re usually too dense or just plain dry. But this teeny ALDI version, with 58% fruit and nuts, is surprisingly light, and the spices of cinnamon and ginger really top it off without overpowering everything.

It’s the perfect size, too. While it’s meant for two serves, you could scoff it on your own and we wouldn’t judge. Sometimes you just need a little cake hit, and not a 2 kilogram number hanging around in your fridge for weeks.

If someone turned up at my house with one of these babies they would definitely be back on my invite list next year.

ALDI’s Curated Collection Christmas range is in stores from from October 27.

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