8 Deal-Tracking Sites All Gamers Should Follow

8 Deal-Tracking Sites All Gamers Should Follow
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There’s little reason to drain your checking account by spending full price on video game after video game — not when you can save a good chunk by simply waiting for them to go on sale. It’s actually finding those sales, though, that can prove challenging and time-consuming. Luckily, there are websites, subreddits, and Twitter accounts that are already doing it for us. Here are our top picks for tracking what’s on sale in the video game world, plus what’s being given away. In the process, you might even discover new titles to love (at a discounted price).


Screenshot: TwitterScreenshot: Twitter

CheapAssGamer is a website that tracks video game deals, but I know them best from their Twitter account run by Jared Thorbahn. (I once bought Moonlighter without having previously heard about it because CheapAssGamer tweeted about a huge sale the game had on Switch. I was not disappointed.)


Screenshot: TwitterScreenshot: Twitter

IGNDeals on Twitter is a great resource for news about video games and gear. Plus, if you have interests outside of gaming, you’ll like this account even more, as it also shares deals on everything from movies and comic books to LEGO and kitchen appliances.


Screenshot: TwitterScreenshot: Twitter

With a million followers on Twitter, Wario64 is a proven deal-tracking powerhouse. The account is known for sharing game deals and insider information that can help you locate what you’re looking for. (As I write this article, Wario64 is helping followers find the Nintendo Switch OLED and PS5.)

Like IGNDeals, Wario64 also shares deals and news about other interests that align with video games, such as pre-order deals on comic books, movie merchandise, and mugs, albeit to a much lesser degree than its video-game-related information.


Screenshot: RedditScreenshot: Reddit

GameDeals is one of the most popular subreddits for tracking video game deals. As such, you have the advantage of a large community of like-minded gamers all searching for the best prices on titles you, too, might be interested in. It’s worth noting that r/gamedeals does seem to lean more towards PC gaming; you’ll find a lot of posts talking about Steam and Windows Game Store deals. Still, between PC posts, you’ll find most corners of the video game world covered here, so it’s worth a look.


Screenshot: RedditScreenshot: Reddit

Let’s say deals aren’t good enough for you. Let’s say you don’t really like paying for games at all. Then get thyself to the FreeGameFindings subreddit that is full of posts linking to games that are 100% free. Freebies, giveaways, you name it — if you see it posted here, you’re not paying for it (unless the deal has expired, that is).

Like r/gamedeals, r/freegamefindings also leans a bit heavy in PC gaming. But it’s an all-inclusive platform; if your console or system has a free game, you’ll likely find it listed in this community.


Screenshot: RedditScreenshot: Reddit

If there still aren’t enough PC freebies on r/freegamefindings, perhaps you’ll find what you need on r/freegamesonsteam. As the name implies, this subreddit posts free game deals exclusively through Steam; this might not be a place for Nintendo, Sony, or Xbox players, but if you game on your PC, you’ll be right at home.

XB Deals, PS Deals, and NT Deals

Screenshot: NT DealsScreenshot: NT Deals

Three consoles, three websites. If you have any combination of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox, you’re going to want to keep these sites on your radar. For Nintendo deals, there’s NT Deals; for all things PlayStation, go to PS Deals; and for anything Xbox-related, check out XB Deals. The sites compile the latest deals, top-rated games on sale, heavily discounted games, all among an easy-to-use search. They’ll even notify you when games you’re watching drop in price.

Price Charting

Screenshot: Price ChartingScreenshot: Price Charting

Price Charting doesn’t spend a lot of time on creating a modern UI; instead, it puts those resources into compiling game deals for nearly every conceivable system in existence. Sure, you can find deals on PS5, Xbox, and Switch, but you can also find NES, Dreamcast, and Commodore 64. It’s a fantastic tracker for new gamers and retro collectors alike.

When you search for a game, Price Charting will show you that game’s value all the way back to 2007. While many of the titles on the site predate 2007, that’s still nearly 15 years of value-tracking. You’ll be able to tell whether the game’s current value makes sense, or whether you should wait until the price comes down before handing your money over. As you can see above, Ocarina of Time has more than doubled in value since Price Charting began tracking it.

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