6 Sheet Pan Recipes That’ll Make Your Weeknight Meals a Breeze

6 Sheet Pan Recipes That’ll Make Your Weeknight Meals a Breeze

Figuring out what to make for dinner of a weeknight is one of life’s greatest annoyances for a lot of people. What this means is that many of us spend a serious amount of time looking for quick and easy recipe options that don’t taste like rubber.

If that sounds like you, we’re here to help with a handful of old faithful sheet pan recipes. The sheet pan recipe is a beautiful thing because all you need to do is toss your ingredients in one place, season and throw it in the oven.

Less cleaning, no need to monitor multiple pans and one timer (usually). It’s a godsend. A breath of fresh air, even.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve discussed sheet pan recipes with our Lifehacker readers, but I figured it would be useful to curate a one-stop-shop that you guys can bookmark and return to when you’re in need of an easy meal.

Here’s a list of killer sheet pan recipes that’ll make your weeknight meals a breeze.

6 super easy sheet pan recipes:

Sheet pan gnocchi

A crispy take on an old classic that will convert even the most serious pasta purist.

Sheet pan baked eggs

If you’re making a meal for a crowd (breakfast for dinner is my fave) or whipping up some freezer-friendly breakfast sandwiches, this is recipe is going to be your best friend.

If you’d like to add veggies to the mix, pre-cook those before adding them to your egg mixture but everything else is done in your sheet pan.

Cake pan breakfast bake

A little while back we wrote about using a cake pan for a whittled down take on the sheet pan approach. Both this and the next recipe are found in the same article, but they each deserve a shout out.

This guy combines hash browns, veggies, prosciutto and cheese for an easy but delicious meal. Again, serve this for breakfast or dinner or whenever the hell you like – it’s yummy.

Cake pan cumin chicken dinner

Kipfler potatoes cook up alongside sweet and spicy chicken thighs perfectly without chopping up. What a damn dream.

This TikTok recipe for one-pan beef and mushroom

Toss cream of mushroom, sliced mushrooms, gravy and seasoning together with beef and pop it in the oven.


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♬ original sound – Wisekidsmom

Another TikTok favourite – one pan potatoes

Not technically done in a sheet pan, but I’m going to include it because this recipe is made in one pan and we’re after easy dishes here.

Onion, butter, potatoes and water in a pan make for a tasty little plate.


One pan potatoes, just reduce and simmer down for the win #ProblemSolved #potato #best #fyp #recipe #simple #katherinewants #foodies #cooking #onepan


And there you have it. Easy sheet pan recipes that’ll make your weekday cooking a little simpler. If you need more easy recipes, check out our list of simple recipes and hacks from this year’s MasterChef contestants here, and a collection of tasty recipes you can pull together in a cast-iron skillet, here.

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