There’s Only One Way to Eat a KitKat, and It’s Not Like This

There’s Only One Way to Eat a KitKat, and It’s Not Like This
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There are plenty of debates over the right way to eat certain foods, but one thing that should not be up for discussion is how to eat a KitKat. Because we all know how to eat a KitKat properly. Right?

Apparently not. Social media has lit up in outrage recently over different methods of eating the wafer chocolate bar, to the point KitKat has actually stepped in.

For example, here we have everyone’s favourite Aussie TikTok star Millie Ford demonstrating the absolute wrong way to eat a KitKat.


what’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost ???? #rulebreak #kitkat #ad

♬ original sound – Millie Ford

If your eyes weren’t burned from their sockets by the end of that video we can at least agree it was funny.

Here’s another one from Cloutom, which proves you can’t even gift someone a KitKat without it going wrong these days.


why did she eat it like that?! ???????? #rulebreak #kitkat #ad

♬ original sound – ????×͜x

KitKat has joined in on the madness by further fuelling this debate and mocking up new packaging designs that show all the ways you can (but shouldn’t) eat a KitKat.

Exhibit A: This monstrosity.

kitkat eat
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If you thought that was bad, wait until you see this. Exhibit B:

Image: Supplied

Who on Earth does this?? KitKat has got to be screwing with us.

Exhibit C is by far the worst though.

Image: Supplied

To quote my colleagues, this is psychotic and complete chaos energy.

For the record, you can’t go out and buy KitKats wrapped in this new packaging and thank god because we don’t need to give any more people the wrong idea.

This is the proper way to eat a KitKat

Now, as a member of the media I should probably attempt to present a balanced argument, but in this case, I simply cannot. KitKats may come in different shapes, sizes and flavours, but there is only one way to eat them.

You break the chocolate into four equal bars, along the lines (that’s what they’re there for), and then you eat one wafer bar at a time until complete.

My teammates agree with me:

“The only logical way to way to eat a KitKat is to break it apart along the length of the fingers and eat them individually.” – Steph

“I agree – you break along the seams and eat it as intended.” – Vanessa

Folks, it’s called have a break, have a KitKat for a reason.

As you can see from Nestle’s own marketing, the only way a KitKat should be eaten is one finger at a time.

I don’t know about that snapping the wafer in half business at the end there, but I’m willing to allow it over some of the other abominations I’ve seen today.

It’s 2021 and we definitely have more important things to worry about than how to devour a KitKat, so eat it however you want. But just know in your heart that you’ll be doing it wrong.

KitKat’s are one of life’s best chocolate snacks. Give them the respect they deserve.

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