The Ecosa Bed Base Claims It Can Be Built in 5 Minutes – Here’s How Long It Took Me

The Ecosa Bed Base Claims It Can Be Built in 5 Minutes – Here’s How Long It Took Me
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I’m horrible at making furniture. I get overwhelmed, frustrated and sometimes even give up half-way through. So when I was served Instagram ads of the Ecosa bed base, which claims it can be made in five minutes (in the video they even do it in three), I wanted to see if there was a solution to my mattress-on-the-floor situation that didn’t result in tears.

What is the Ecosa bed base?

Ecosa is well known for its mattress-in-a-box, but they actually sell pillows, pillowcases (can personally vouch for their silk version, which is heaven to sleep on), bedsheets, bedside tables and bed bases, too.

The bed base itself comes in two different colourways (Ash, which is a light timber, and Walnut, which is a darker wood), has a 4.5-star rating on its website and is simplistic in that it’s got a large wooden board for the bed head and four wooden legs. It looks homely without dominating the space.

Alright, how long did it take you, actually?

Keep in mind, as mentioned above, that I’m terrible at building furniture. But I was still pleasantly surprised with the turnaround, even if it wasn’t 3-5 minutes as the Instagram ads and website suggested.

The Ecosa Bed Base Claims It Can Be Built in 5 Minutes – Here’s How Long It Took Me

Let’s dive in.

9 minutes 57 seconds: Unloading the delivery truck with all the pieces, keeping in mind I got the mattress as well. 18 hours: Time before my roommate offers to help bring the boxes up to my room. 14 minutes 45 seconds: Unpacking all the boxes, which had plenty of tape and materials inside to keep everything safe for arrival. 18 seconds: Time spent reading instructions prior before realising you have to read instructions as you go. 2 minutes 33 seconds: Time spent on step 1. 4 minutes 12 seconds: Time spent watching a video online for guidance before partner decides to intervene/help. 9 minutes 7 seconds: Time spent actually building the bed base, from start to finish, with the help of another. 2 minutes 47 seconds: Time spent unboxing mattress and laying out on bed. 1 minute 48 seconds: Time spent cutting, deflating and taking off plastic. 27 seconds: Time spent adding mattress topper.

The Ecosa Bed Base Claims It Can Be Built in 5 Minutes – Here’s How Long It Took Me

If you don’t count the 18 hours it took to get the bed from level 1 to level 5 of the house, you could safely go from not having a bed set up at all to having a fancy one within one hour. You can also actually build it within 10 minutes, which is pretty bloody good.

What’s good about it?

The ease of set-up is this bed base’s number one selling point. It took me a bit to get my head around the process – and to unload, unpack it all – but the actual building time of under 10 minutes is widely unheard of. I also didn’t fight with my partner once during construction, which is also unheard of, and no tools were required.

After sleeping on it (quite literally) for some time now, I can safely say that it’s taken my room from 10 to 100 real quick. From an aesthetic point of view, it looks really great and I’m yet to find a bedspread that doesn’t suit it – something I was initially concerned about.

I have the Ecosa bamboo set in mustard and it looks like I’m royalty (just make sure you fold them properly or put them on as soon as they’ve dried, as they crease easily). Perhaps my favourite feature, however, is the hidden shelf behind the bedhead. It’s the perfect amount of space for phones, thermometers, pens, water bottles, medicine, deep heat and more.

The Ecosa Bed Base Claims It Can Be Built in 5 Minutes – Here’s How Long It Took Me

What should I keep in mind?

The bed claims to be creak free, which I would agree with, but if you’re upgrading from floor to base like me, your bed will make noise when you get in and out of it or move around.

You definitely need two people to make this. I was getting nowhere solo. Once you’ve got another person sorted, it’s super, super easy to make. Other than that, I really can’t fault it. It’s quite an investment, but more on that below.

Ecosa bed base price, delivery and warranty

All the Ecosa bed base sizes are currently $200 off their RRP, but prices start from a single size at $1,199 and go up between $50 to $200 for every size upgrade. It’s not cheap, but it’s made well, offers an easy experience, and comes with a five-year warranty. You can also get same-day delivery in metro areas.

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