You’ll Want to Add These Statement Candles to Every Free Space in Your Home

You’ll Want to Add These Statement Candles to Every Free Space in Your Home
Image: Etsy
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The more time I spend in my apartment, the more I feel the urge to buy those little nick nacky homewares that somehow manage to make your house feel like a home. Case in point: statement candles.

Something about a statement candle instantly has me hitting that add to cart button. They’re a simple and effective way to add a touch of colour and style to your home without breaking the bank. And while most of them are too cute to actually burn, they’re a cosy little space filler in your bedroom, bathroom, lounge room — any room, really.

Over the last 12 months, like us, you’ve probably filled your Instagram saved folder with every kind of candle from busts and bodies right through to crystal-infused ones. Now it’s time to add a few statement candles to the mix. Ahead, I’ve scoured the internet to find the funkiest statement candles worth adding to your home.

Loftern Pink Bubble Candle, $22.80

You’ve probably already seen these little bubbly babies all over Instagram. They’re a super cute way to jazz up any corner of your home. You can pick these up on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price and in various colours, like pastel blue, lavender, pink, cream, caramel and more.

Loftern Pink Bubble Candle ($22.80) from Amazon here.

Zen Den Crystal Series, $22

Already got yourself a crystal-infused candle? Why not get one that looks like a big crystal stalactite? These little pieces of art will only set you back around $22 on Amazon and come in loads of different colours, so you make them a statement piece in your home.

You can buy the Zen Den Crystal Series ($22) from Amazon here.

Areaware Totem Candle, $16-$24

Placing one (or a group) of these structural totem candles on top of your books is an easy way to elevate any corner of your home. Created by turning beeswax on a lathe, these statement pieces are begging for a place on your bedside table.

You can buy the Areaware Totem Candle, ($16-24) from Areaware here.

Fazeek Wave Soy Candle, $69

statement candle

$100 bucks says you’ve already lusted after the Fazeek Wavy glasses on Instagram, who hasn’t? Well, now you can get your hands on the candle version. Not only does it smell heavenly (like Kakadu Plum and Bush Cucumber), it can also be kept and re-purposed after burning. Offt, we need it.

You can buy the Fazeek Wave Soy Candle ($69) from The Iconic here.

Soibie Vegan Soy Wave Wiggle Pillar Candles, $15.59

statement candle

Brought alone or in a set, these wiggly pillar candles are the perfect addition to any tablespace. They come in a range of different pastel colours — purple, pink, blue, green, yellow and cream — making them a great gift for friends, or you know, yourself.

You can buy the Soibie Vegan Soy Wave Wiggle Pillar Candles ($15.59) from Etsy here.

PastelFlames Cute Candles, $13.39

We can’t be the only ones obsessed with these curve candles?! They’re bendy, quirky and a cool way to add a pop of colour to any room. You can pick from a variety of different shapes and colours if you’re after a single candle, or create your own little masterpiece by grouping different ones together.

You can buy PastelFlames Cute Candles ($13.39) from Etsy here.

SoapandLeatherStudio Neon Dip Dye Candles, $29.14

statement candle

I can’t stop staring at these dip-dyed candles thinking about all the places I could put these in my apartment. They’re also the perfect excuse to shop for some candelabra, which, I’m not opposed to.

You can buy SoapandLeatherStudio Neon Dip Dye Candles ($29.14) from Etsy here.

Maison Balzac 2 Volute Candles, $25

statement candle

Ooft, of course, these Maison Balzac candles are cute enough that I need one in every colour. Imagine these stacked on all different style candelabras and grouped together in the corner of your table space. *chef’s kisses*

You can buy the Maison Balzac 2 Volute Candles ($25) from Maison Balzac here.

Aacute You Me Bones Thicc Squiggly Candle in Terracotta, $55

If you’d prefer a bigger statement candle, this chunky one from Aacute should do the trick. Each one of these thicc babies is hand-poured, so they will vary slightly in shape and colour, but they’re still cute!

You can buy the Aacute You Me Bones Thicc Squiggly Candle in Terracotta ($55) from Aacute here.

Black Blaze Curl Curl Candle, $55

Appropriately named the curl curl candle, this little baby is double wicked and double the goodness. Inspired by the rolling waves, this candle is a sculptural sentiment that is sure to light up any room.

You can buy the Black Blaze Curl Curl Candle ($55) from Black Blaze here.

Crave Wares Lex Pott – Twist Candle, $90

Why does this candle look like it’s about to come alive and start dancing? Its little twists and turns make it the focal point of any tablespace.

You can buy the Crave Wares Lex Pott – Twist Candle ($90) from Crave Wares here.

Manara Shell Candle, $35

statement candle

If your home is more of a beach bode, this little shell candle will fit right in. Coming in six different colours — pink, green, lilac, orange, blue and cream — so you can choose the perfect colourway to place around your home.

You can buy the Manara Shell Candle ($35) from Manara here.

Reliqiua Aeyre Sphere Candle, $29

You’ve probably already heard of Reliqiua because of their beautiful jewellery, and now you can add another touch of beauty to your home with their cute candles. Coming in cream, rose, and terracotta, they’re easily placed around the home for an added touch of cosiness.

You can buy the Reliqiua Aeyre Sphere Candle ($29) from Reliqiua here.

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