These Hanging Planters Will Free up Space and Get More Green Into Your Home

These Hanging Planters Will Free up Space and Get More Green Into Your Home
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If you’re a little bit obsessed with your houseplants, your apartment is probably a dreamy plant-filled oasis. As your collection has grown, you’ve also probably found that your plants are sadly taking up too much floor space. One easy solution to your problem is a hanging planter. 

Depending on the style of your home, you can find a bunch of really cool macrame and leather planters as well as ceramic, glass and timber terrariums to suit any room in the house. Not only do they add an exciting design element to your home, but they’re also as equally low touch as growing a plant in a grounded pot.

Most people hesitate to hang plants because they can cause a mess if you don’t go about it the right way. However, all that can be easily avoided if you simply double pot your hanging plant. The outer pot should be your decorative pot that is completely sealed — we’re talking no drainage holes at all — and it has chains or rope fastened directly to it for hanging. The inner pot should be the pot you can water and includes drainage holes so you don’t kill your plant from overwatering (guilty!).

If you double pot your plant, you can also easily place it in a more sunlit space for a few hours if you’re finding that it’s not getting enough light where it’s hanging. It also means that you can swap plants in and out easily until you find one that’s well suited to your place.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a range of hanging planters that would make an excellent addition to your sun-drenched balcony, low-lit lounge room and sometimes sunny bedroom. 

LoveKnots Macrame Wall Hanging Planter, $29.95

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If you’d like to make one of your plant babies a focal point in your home, this hand-woven macrame hanging planter from LoveKnots is the perfect way to display your beautiful indoor plants. 

Buy the LoveKnots Macrame Wall Hanging Planter ($29.95) from Amazon here. 

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter, $26.11

hanging planters
Image: Amazon

This Trigg hanging planter is an easy way to add colour and liven up your living space with indoor plants like small succulents, mini cactus, faux succulents and faux sedums. 

Buy the Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter ($26.11) from Amazon here.

Flber Macrame Hanging Planter, $23.90

Image: Amazon

This beautiful, handwoven hanging planter from FLBER is perfect for a boho accent in any space. It can hold small house plants like mini succulents, a string of pearls and ivy. 

Buy the Flber Macrame Hanging Planter ($23.90) from Amazon here.

Lifestyle M Macrame Plant Hangers, $14.99

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Image: Amazon

If you’re looking to create a statement look in your home, this two-pack of beige macrame plant hangers from Lifestyle M is an easy way to do it. The more plants the better, they add character, purify the air, and bring positive vibes to any room. 

Buy the Lifestyle M Macrame Plant Hangers ($14.99) from Amazon here.

Riseon Boho Black Metal Plant Hanger, $46.36

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Image: Amazon

Decorate your bedroom, bathroom, lounge room or balcony with this boho black metal planter from Riseon. It comes in four colourways — black, gold, forest green and white — and comes in two shapes, oval and round. 

Buy the Riseon Boho Black Metal Plant Hanger ($46,36) from Amazon here. 

TOOGOO 5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers $36.99

Image: Amazon

This five pack of macrame plant hangers are an easy way to hang multiple plants and stick to your boho theme. Each planter is a different style and length so you can hang them in different parts of your home. 

Buy the TOOGOO 5-Pack Macrame Plant Hangers ($36.99) from Amazon here. 

Mayco Bell Ceramic Wall Hanging Planter, $39.99

hanging planter
Image: Amazon

If the style of your home is more industrial, these white ceramic planters will suit it perfectly. They’re a cute way to display your favourite small house plants or even a little herb garden

Buy the Mayco Bell Ceramic Wall Hanging Planter ($39.99) from Amazon here. 

Keer Hanging Planter Basket Set, $19.99

Image: Amazon

Hang these planters together or separately with your favourite greenery to liven up your home, office or balcony garden. These hanging planters are handmade from high quality, eco-friendly corn skin and natural fibres. This means they’re lightweight, sturdy and can to be easily moved around to various locations in your home. 

Buy the Keer Hanging Planter Basket Set ($19.99) from Amazon here.

Findlay & Co Plant Hanger

Image: Etsy

We’re obsessed with this faux leather strapped planter from Findlay & Co on Etsy. It’s a fresh take on the old boho macrame hanger and comes with two brass buckets so that you can adjust the planted for length.

Buy the Findlay & Co Plant Hanger ($40) from Etsy here.

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