Live Out Your Pimple Popping Dreams with These Blackhead Removal Tools

Live Out Your Pimple Popping Dreams with These Blackhead Removal Tools
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Blackheads are one of those harmless things that aren’t cause for concern but can be pretty annoying. They’re a common skin condition that affects almost everyone, whether they’re on the face or other places like the chest, back, shoulders and arms. Blackhead removal is actually easier than you think if you invest in the right equipment. Below, we’ve rounded up the best blackhead remover tools you can use at home to help change the appearance of your skin.

What are blackheads?

Blackheads are small bumps that appear on the skin due to clogged hair follicles. Dead skin cells and excess oil start to collect in the follicle opening, which creates a bump. If the skin over the bump opens, the air exposure can cause the plug to look black (which is why they’re called blackheads). They’re pretty easy to spot due to their dark colour, but they aren’t painful like regular pimples.

There’s a range of different factors that can make you more likely to produce blackheads, from hormonal changes to bacteria buildups and irritation in the hair follicles. The most important part of prevention is establishing a good skincare routine and general facial hygiene Remember to wash your face regularly, change your pillowcases every three days and invest in the right products.

Best blackhead remover tools

These tools are some of the top-rated products available when it comes to removing blackheads at home. They’re all easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive given how efficient they are. Scroll on to shop our favourites. Before you get started though, remember to always do a test patch first and if any reactions occur, cease use immediately and go see a dermatologist or doctor. Follow all the instructions on the device carefully and don’t use it more often than recommended.

Enarit Blackhead Remover, was $49.99 ,now $33.99 (save $16)

This professional pore vacuum works to exfoliate the skin and give it a deep clean while reducing acne and oil to control the spread of blackheads. It comes with 4 different heads which come with 6 different levels, allowing you to tailor your treatment each time.

Project E Beauty Vacuum+ Blackhead Remover $43.99

This device only takes 120 seconds to help with blackhead removal, oil balancing, skin peeling and tightening and pore shrinking – so basically, it does everything. With 4 vacuum probes and ultra-strong suction capabilities, it can remove even the most stubborn of blackheads.

Blackhead Remover Vacuum $24.63

8 functional heads and 6 different modes make this tool a standout. It’s been carefully designed with a specially rounded tip to make the blackhead extraction as seamfree, painless and quick as possible.

Enarit Upgrade Skin Scrubber $28.99

This skin scrubber can clean blackheads, whiteheads, oil buildups and dead skin. It works by using a 24K high-frequency vibration which opens up the pores of the skin and provides a deep clean. All you have to do is turn it on and go.

Pore Vacuum Blackhead Remover $30.49

This 6 in 1 multi-function blackhead extractor comes with 6 suction heads and 3 different levels to suit every skin type and skincare concern. Its unique vacuum suction technology allows you to remove any and all blackheads while promoting overall skin health.

VOUMEY Blackhead Suction Remover $19.54

Not only can this tool help to remove blackheads, but it also has a red, blue and green light beauty function which boasts even more benefits. The red light can promote collagen regeneration, the green helps to brighten the skin while the blue works to repair skin damage. If you’re looking to remove blackheads and give your skin some TLC afterwards, this is the device for you.

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