Apple Watch Series 7 Wishlist: Every New Feature We Want to See

Apple Watch Series 7 Wishlist: Every New Feature We Want to See
Image: Apple

Apple is set to make some big announcements this month and you can expect one of them to be the Apple Watch Series 7.

Rumours about the Apple Watch Series 7 spread far and wide, with some saying this generation will be a significant re-design and others saying it will come with brand new health-tracking features.

Regardless of whether or not these rumours pan out, here’s our wishlist of features and improvements we’d like to see in the Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 Wishlist

apple watch series 6
Image: Apple

Battery life

No one will ever say no to more battery life, but it’s especially needed in the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 6 claims up to 18 hours of battery, but that changes rapidly depending on how often you use your watch and what you’re using it for.

Given that the Apple Watch is built with useful features like sleep tracking it could really use a battery boost that would allow for users to wear their watches all day and all night.

Rumours indicate that a smaller processing chip in the Series 7 will free up space for a larger capacity battery in the new Apple Watch. But space is at a premium in these devices and Apple may choose to fill it with something else.

Here’s hoping they choose the battery.

Blood pressure monitoring

Of all the new health features the Apple Watch Series 7  is rumoured to contain, blood pressure monitoring would be one of the best.

We’ve already seen this implemented in smartwatches like Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch so we can only assume Apple has plans to follow suit.

Blood pressure monitoring generally requires a user to sync up their watch with an external blood pressure cuff to start. After this process is complete you’re able to take a blood pressure reading on-demand using your watch.

This feature would make a huge difference for so many people who would no longer have to fork out for chunky blood pressure monitors or make a trip to the doctor for a reading. (Granted the data is accurate enough to rely on, of course.)

Body temperature tracking

Another health feature that we’d love to see included in the Apple Watch Series 7 is body temperature reading.

One of the big symptoms of a COVID-19 infection is a fever or high body temperature, which is why a lot of venues will ask to take your temperature before you can walk in the door.

Being able to take this reading on your watch would be a big help as we attempt to live with the spread of COVID. It could help keep track of your own symptoms and make the check-in process even smoother.

Thinner design

If the rumours about the redesigned Apple Watch are true, we could be seeing a device that looks more akin to the current range of iPhones.

Flat square edges are having a moment at Apple and it would be exciting if this resulted in a thinner design for the Apple Watch. The 44mm models, in particular, can often feel excessively large on the wrist so seeing this streamlined would be a great thing.

It’s likely a redesign would also enhance the display of the Apple Watch which will hopefully give us thinner bezels and an enhanced screen.

Hopefully, all of the Apple Watch Series 7’s secrets will be revealed this month as Apple prepares to unveil its latest lineup of gadgets.

We’re expecting at least the iPhone 13 to be announced in the next week but it’s quite possible the new Apple Watch will appear alongside it. You can read all about how to tune into the online conference here.

What other features are you hoping to see in the Apple Watch Series 7? Let us know in the comments.

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