How To Watch Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ Event In Australia

How To Watch Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ Event In Australia

Mark your calendars, folks, because Apple has just announced it will be holding an event in September, and with so many exciting products on the horizon from the tech giant, it will be an event not to miss!

Invitations for the ‘California Streaming’ event — which will take place on September 14 in the US — were sent out overnight. And while this makes it sound like the entire event will be based around streaming endeavours from the company (e.g. Apple TV+, etc.), experts are still convinced it’ll give us something big.

What To Expect

iPhone 13

If Apple gives us any hardware announcements at the ‘California Streaming’ event, you can probably bet on it being the iPhone 13.

Experts are predicting we’ll be getting an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, which are all rumoured to look visually similar to the iPhone 12 range, but with a bigger screen, new cameras and some beefed-up internal components.

The other major rumour we’ve heard regarding the iPhone 13 is the possibility of satellite connections, which would make it easier to get service if you’re not close to a 4G or 5G area. However, a new rumour suggests Apple isn’t working on satellite technology in phones right now.

Apple hasn’t given us any indication that the iPhone 13 will drop next week, but if it doesn’t, we can probably expect it at the tech giant’s next event.

Apple Watch Series 7

Another product that is expected to be announced is the Apple Watch Series 7, which is the follow-up to the Series 6 we know and love right now.

Considering the recent smartwatch releases from the likes of Samsung, and the race to beef up smartwatches with ECGs and other health technology, it’ll be an exciting release from Apple this year.

Similar to the iPhone 13, if we don’t get the Apple Watch next week, it should come later this year.

macOS Monterey

On the software front, macOS Monterey is the most likely announcement we’ll see at ‘California Streaming’.

We didn’t get an announcement at WWDC earlier this year, so it seems fitting Apple could drop the new OS during this event.

MacBook Pro (maybe)

Considering Apple has been rumoured to be doing multiple events this month, it’s pretty unlikely it’ll drop all of its major announcements next week. Unfortunately, this means the new MacBook Pro likely won’t be announced on Wednesday.

We already know we likely won’t see the MacBook until at least October or November as a result of the global chip shortage, so it would seem a little weird to have any announcements next week.

How To Watch Apple’s California Streaming Event In Australia

Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event takes place at 10am PDT on September 14, 2021. Unfortunately, like most other tech releases, this means you’ll have to wake up at 3am on September 15 to catch the event live if you live on the east coast of Australia.

apple california dreaming event
Image: Apple

If you’re up for the challenge, you can watch the event online at

Alternatively, you can check back on Gizmodo Australia throughout the morning as we unpack everything announced at a much less ungodly hour of the morning and keep you updated with everything you need to know.