RIP Duck Cake, We Have a New Book to Make Epic Party Cakes Easier

RIP Duck Cake, We Have a New Book to Make Epic Party Cakes Easier
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Pretty much every Aussie kid over the past 40 years has grown up with the iconic Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book. But if you’ve ever had to make one of those cakes — like me — you’ll know some of them are damn hard. But now we have a major save in the Allen’s Party Cake Book.

To celebrate their 130th birthday, Allen’s teamed up with The Australian Women’s Weekly to put a modern spin on the classic 1980’s birthday cake book. The new version includes 30 designs that take advantage of Allen’s lollies to make decorating easier.

And let me tell you, they are A LOT easier. That damn Duck Cake from the Women’s Weekly almost destroyed me. But the creators of Bluey — who featured said cake in an episode, hence so many kids becoming obsessed with it — will be pleased to know there is a Bluey cake in the Allen’s Party Cake Book which looks easy enough to make even after a few wines.

Each of the cake designs even include a hack section to make things even easier, from what to do with the cake off-cuts to how to use up the leftover lollies rather than just eating them as you build.

The lolly kings and queens sent me a box of ingredients to make the Lolltastic Cake, just to show how easy the Allen’s Party Cake Book was. To be fair, they did give me a head start with a few Coles white chocolate mud cakes and ready-to-spread icing. But all in all, it only took me about 20 minutes to assemble this piñata cake.

Allen's Party Cake Book

Yes, I did pop a sparkler on top even though I was dining alone because of lockdown. And yes, I did eat cake for dinner like a total adult.

You can only get the new Allen’s Party Cake Book at Coles, and only until stocks last, so be quick! The book is free with the purchase of any three Allen’s or Bakers Choice products in a single transaction at participating Coles supermarkets.

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