This Smartwatch Looks Nothing Like A Smartwatch & I’m Obsessed

This Smartwatch Looks Nothing Like A Smartwatch & I’m Obsessed
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Watches have gone through an interesting reckoning. No longer are they allowed to merely be things on your wrist that tell the time or show others how much money you have — don’t be ridiculous! Watches now also have to tell the time, record your steps, look cool, read your text messages and be able to conduct a medical-grade electrocardiogram all on your wrist. It’s official, the stakes have been raised and the Withings Scanwatch has set the bar, in my humble opinion. 

Withings ScanwatchWhen I first received the Withings Scanwatch, I realised that I didn’t know if I could read analogue time anymore. Luckily there’s a digital interface, so you literally don’t have to know how to read one of those vintage clocks. The watch has a minimalistic yet cool design that manages to suit all genders and all ages, which is a pretty impressive feat in itself. Wearing a smartwatch this chic also makes me feel like I’m starring in a Bond film or at least D.E.B.S. I feel cool, smart and collected. (And like I can totally read analogue.) 
This Smartwatch Looks Nothing Like A Smartwatch & I’m ObsessedThe watch is waterproof, which is perfect if, like me, you can never quite be bothered to take off your jewellery when swimming, bathing or showering. Also, I have found it to be incredibly sturdy/scratch resistant, as I have been unwittingly conducting my own home experiments of accidentally banging it into a wall a few too many times. Apparently, spatial awareness isn’t my thing, but it’s still looking brand-spankin’ new. Indestructible and chic is totally a thing.

Another big drawcard for the watch, I think, is its ability to track and monitor your heart rate, something fitness lovers should be thrilled about. The Withings Scanwatch has the ability for non-stop connectivity, but I’ll rue the day that I allow a watch to record my heartbeat when I receive a text from my crush. I’ll suffer that embarrassment in peace, thankyouverymuch. The watch also has the ability to record your blood oxygen levels, which also seems literally insane to me, but a cool feature nevertheless. 

Withings ScanwatchMy only gripe about smartwatches in general, which is a feature that most people love, is their ability to receive your phone notifications. After I’ve managed to find the strength to put down my phone for 5-seconds and exist in the real world, the last thing I want is something strapped to my wrist, pulling me back in.

The watch also has a thousand other features: an inbuilt GPS, the ability to record your sleep, steps, workouts and this thing that helps you do breathing exercises (?), which might be helpful for your blood oxygen levels. There’s also 30-day battery life (huge) and it comes with a 2-year warranty, which is incredibly impressive. It’s the watch for you if you need it all and more. 

You can purchase the Withings Scanwatch here for $499.


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