What To Watch After You’ve Finished The White Lotus

What To Watch After You’ve Finished The White Lotus
Image: HBO
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Do you see waves crashing slowly on a beach when you close your eyes or hear the pipes of a pan flute everywhere you go? You might be suffering from White Lotus-itis.

HBO’s The White Lotus burst onto the scene in July, and, over six episodes, created a massive buzz with its melting pot of crazy characters and glittering Hawaiian beaches.

If the finale of The White Lotus has left a void in your life, you’ll be glad to know you can re-watch it to your heart’s content on Binge. You can also sit and wait patiently for the now confirmed season 2.

But if that’s not enough for you, we’ve compiled a list of TV shows that will help scratch that White Lotus itch.

TV shows you should watch if you liked The White Lotus

Nine Perfect Strangers

Image: Amazon

With both Nine Perfect Strangers and The White Lotus airing in the same month, it was inevitable that parallels between them would be drawn.

Both are about an assortment of privileged characters gathering at an exclusive holiday retreat to reassess their lives. They’re also both intensely character-driven, with an interesting mystery lingering in the background. But only one has Nicole Kidman’s Russian accent.

You can watch Nine Perfect Strangers on Amazon Prime Video.

Dead to Me

dead to me netflix
Image: Netflix

Dead to Me is another dark comedy with murder, tension and family secrets that will appeal to fans of The White Lotus.

The story follows Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as Jen and Judy, two women who become unlikely friends after bonding over their grief at an emotional support group. The two band together to try and solve the hit and run murder of Jen’s husband, but one secret may tear them apart.

Dead to Me throws so many curveballs that you won’t be able to resist playing the next episode.

You can find Dead to Me on Netflix.

Big Little Lies

big little lies the white lotus tv shows
Image: HBO

Liane Moriarty is the author of the books on which the TV adaptations of Nine Perfect Strangers and Big Little Lies are based, so it should come as no surprise that the latter is another great choice for The White Lotus fans.

Big Little Lies gives another window into the privileged lives of wealthy families and the drama that occurs in a school mums’ circle. There’s also a spicy murder mystery that unravels throughout the season and will have you wondering about each of the character’s motives.

Big Little Lies is available on Binge.


succession season 3
Image: HBO

Another HBO series, Succession brings together a group of power-hungry siblings all vying for control of their father’s media empire.

The show’s mix of unlikeable characters, darkly comedic tone, and insight into the wealth and lies of corporate media make Succession a worthy, well, successor to The White Lotus.

Succession is available to watch on Binge.


enlightened hbo
Image: HBO

The White Lotus creator Mike White is also the mind behind this HBO comedy-drama.

Enlightened stars Laura Dern as a self-destructive executive who tries to get her life back together after a public breakdown and subsequent philosophical awakening in rehab.

The show only lasted two seasons but earned plenty of critical acclaim and a Golden Globe for Laura Dern.

You can watch Enlightened over on Binge.

Hopefully, some of these shows will help ease the long wait until the new season of The White Lotus arrives.

If you need more to watch with your Binge subscription, check out our list of the best shows according to Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

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