You Can Still Get Behind Jeans For Genes Day, Even From Home

You Can Still Get Behind Jeans For Genes Day, Even From Home
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Jeans for Genes Day is around the corner, folks. You know, that fundraising event that meant you could wear jeans to school once a year as a kid?

The date, if you’re unfamiliar, is a significant one as it works to raise awareness and funds for the treatment and cure of birth defects and genetic diseases that impact 1 in 20 kids.

Spanning across conditions like cystic fibrosis, cancer and metabolic disorders, Jeans for Genes works to support the kids and families affected by birth defects or genetic disease and they do a pretty solid job of it, too.

So far in 2021 the charity has raised $764,434 and counting (at the time of publishing).

According to the Jeans for Genes website, the organisation’s research “at Children’s Medical Research Institute has helped eliminate Rubella, introduced care for premature infants, and developed microsurgery techniques for organ transplants that save lives every day”.

It’s also been working towards making a difference in kids conditions for some 60 years.

When is Jeans for Genes Day?

If you’re keen to contribute to the cause, there is still some time to make a difference this year.

Jeans for Genes day falls on August 6, 2021.

How can I donate?

You can visit the Jeans for Genes website here and make a once-off donation – which presently is being matched dollar for dollar.

Other ways to get involved include Bake it Blue, Sofa to 6K and (the classic) Wear Jeans fundraisers. You can also run with your own idea for a fundraiser activity if you like. You can check those out here under “Get Started”.

Finally, there is also the option of shopping denim or Jeans for Genes branded merch here (there’s even a denim face mask).

Where does the money go?

Donations go towards research completed by the Children’s Medical Research Institute. As the website states, “Our researchers are respected and successfully obtain many government grants, but these cover less than half of the costs of cutting-edge research”. You can read more about the charity and its funding here.

If you’d like to learn more about what the Jeans for Genes Day charity does, and some of the stories of the kids involved, you can do that here.

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