iPhone 13 Wishlist: Every New Feature and Change We Want to See

iPhone 13 Wishlist: Every New Feature and Change We Want to See
Image: Apple

Apple’s next iPhone will likely drop later this year but what new features can it possibly have to win over consumers yet again?

We’ve heard plenty of leaks and rumours about the iPhone 13, with everything from a smaller notch to reverse wireless charging being thrown around.

We’ll have to wait until September (probably) to see if any of these rumours pan out, but in the meantime here’s our wishlist of things we want to see come to the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 features wishlist

Better battery life

As with any device, any extra time you can spend using it without having to plug it in to charge is a good thing.

The iPhone 12 range featured a 2,227 mAh battery in the Mini to a 3,687 mAh in the Pro Max. After some real-world tests from Toms Guide, this resulted in about 7.5 hours of life for the Mini and almost 11 hours of battery for the Pro Max, with the other models falling somewhere in between.

While the Pro Max’s 11 hours of battery life is impressive it means you have to fork out a top dollar to get the priciest phone in the range.

Extending the battery life in all of the iPhone 13 models (without raising the price) is one of the top features we’d like to see in the new iPhone.

Rumours suggest this could be happening with the iPhone 13 as Apple finds ways to shrink other components and make space for a larger battery.

No more lightning cable

Speaking of charging, wouldn’t it be nice if all of Apple’s products used the same cable?

Apple has slowly made the jump to USB-C charging ports with its new MacBooks but bringing the same capability to the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch would definitely be a nice feature.

Ditching the lightning cable would also bring the iPhone in line with a range of other devices, meaning you’re not constantly packing 25 different cables to cover all your different gadgets.

Expanded storage

iPhones act like mini-computers for a lot of us these days and with storage being eaten up by the ever-growing file sizes from Apple’s evolving iPhone camera, storage space is a big concern for a lot of users.

The more expensive iPhone 12 Pro starts at 128GB and can be fitted out with up to 512GB of storage space, which is pretty hefty for a mobile device. However, the base model iPhone 12 starts with only 64GB, which is measly in comparison.

The rumour mill says Apple may offer up to 1TB of storage with its new iPhone 13 range, which is huge, but it will likely come with a huge price hike as well.

Offering larger storage sizes on the base iPhone 13 models should just be a standard feature at this point, particularly as photo and video file sizes continue to grow.

More colour options

Just going to say it, if they can give us rainbow iMacs they can give us rainbow iPhones as well.

So far the only colour rumour going around about the iPhone 13 is a potential matte black model but expanding the line-up to match the colour range of the new iMacs would be a *chefs kiss* change.

No doubt Apple will come up with plenty of new and exciting features that’ll encourage us all to open our wallets and fork out for that shiny new iPhone 13. Let’s just hope some of these examples make that list!

What’s on your wishlist for the iPhone 13? Let us know in the comments.

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