Foundation: Here’s What You Need to Know About Apple TV+’s Sci-Fi Epic

Foundation: Here’s What You Need to Know About Apple TV+’s Sci-Fi Epic

Apple TV+ has plenty of good content but it’s still waiting for that TV show that will capture the conversation. But it seems Apple may have found a winner in the upcoming drama Foundation.

If you’re intrigued about the TV show that some are describing as a sci-fi Game of Thrones we’re here to tell you more about it.

What is Foundation about?

Image: Apple TV

Foundation is a television adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s prolific book of the same name.

According to Apple, Foundation chronicles a band of exiles on a journey to save humanity and rebuild civilisation during the fall of the Galactic Empire.

It’s expected that Apple TV+’s rendition of the Foundation story will segue slightly from the plot of the books, but it will stay true to certain key components.

One is the mathematician Hari Seldon, who develops a theory that predicts the fall of the Galactic Empire. This irks the Cleons, the current rulers who are concerned this prediction will weaken their reign. Unfortunately, it seems they may not be able to stop the movement this theory has inspired.

It’s a sprawling epic story that crosses new worlds, civilisations and centuries of space. You can see why comparisons to Game of Thrones have been drawn.

You can get a taste of what’s to come in Foundation in the trailer below:

Foundation: Cast

foundation tv show
Image: Apple TV

Apple’s epic TV original features a huge cast of talented actors.

Jared Harris plays Hari Seldon and is joined by Lee Pace, Terrance Mann and Cassian Bilton as the Cleons.

Alred Enock, Lou Llobell, Leah Harvey and Laura Birn make up the rest of the cast.

The series comes from executive producer David S. Goyer, who has been behind other significant IP like The Dark Knight, Terminator: Dark Fate and Netflix’s upcoming The Sandman.

When will it be released on Apple TV+?

Foundation will debut exclusively on Apple TV+, which you can gain access to for $7.99 a month.

The first season will consist of 10 episodes and the first two will drop on September 24. The following eight will then drop weekly on Fridays.

We’ll keep this post updated as we learn more about Foundation.