Dyson’s Latest Beauty Tool Is a Godsend for Bad Hair Days

Dyson’s Latest Beauty Tool Is a Godsend for Bad Hair Days
Image: Lifehacker Australia

On August 5, Dyson announced it had developed a new haircare tool designed to mechanise blowdrying techniques that have been used by hairdressers for years. The Dyson Flyaway attachment effectively works to recreate the smooth results achieved when using a hair dryer and barrel brush – but with airflow alone – so you can tidy up your hair single-handedly at home in minutes.

Pretty cool, no?

The attachment, which kind of looks like a hook in shape, directs airflow so it can lift away longer hairs and push flyaways beneath long strands. The goal is to allow regular old people to be able to create that salon-quality blow-dry at home, with limited effort.

I was lucky enough to be able to review the tool using Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer. Here is how that experience went.

What’s good?

Dyson Flyaway
On the left is my messy dried hair. Right is my hair after a quick Dyson Flyaway treatment. Image: Lifehacker Australia.

Okay, so I don’t often blow-dry my hair. I’m more of a fan of the natural air-dry situation. But when I do take to my hair with a hairdryer, I always – always – use the barrel brush technique.

My mother is a hairdresser and I have naturally pretty frizzy, wavy hair so I learnt how to tame the mess pretty young. It’s always effective, but it takes a long time and if you’re not used to it, your arms can get bloody tired. (You should see my mum’s guns from blowdrying hair all day.)

When using the Flyaway tool, I tested it in two ways. First, I did a quick once-over on half of my head after roughly drying my wet hair with the Supersonic hair dryer.

I wanted to see the kind of impact a low effort tidy up would have on my hair. And honestly, I was impressed. In a couple of minutes (literally) my hair was looking noticeably smoother. The result was hardly anything exciting, but the result compared to the effort I’d put in was pretty incredible.

Next, I wanted to compare the results with my standard blow-dry technique. I used the Flyaway tool a little more extensively, and achieved a sleek looking half-head of hair with it, then blowdried the other half of my hair as I normally would.

The regularly blow-dried side turned out slightly neater, as I had more control and could reach the layers underneath better, but it took longer and it was a whole lot more effort.

Dyson Flyaway
Left is my blowdried hair, right is when I used the Dyson Flyaway tool. Image: Lifehacker Australia

Long story, short. The Flyaway tool gave me great results really quickly.

In terms of the experience, it’s kind of strange to see the tool at work – your hair is gently being moved in different directions and it feels odd to have a device sort of lift your hair away rather than blow air directly at it. There was nothing uncomfortable about it, but it’s totally different to any hair tool I’ve used before.

What’s not so good?

Credit: Lifehacker Australia

The Flyaway tool is pretty expensive, sitting at $99. The engineering is unique and it is an incredibly effective tool but you’ll have to weigh up if you want to spend close to $100 on an attachment rather than learn to use a brush when you blow-dry.

However, if you’re purchasing the Supersonic hair dryer (which is a treat to use, I will say) it comes with five attachments, including the Flyaway tool, for $599.

The verdict

Dyson flyaway
Feels weird. Works well. Image: Lifehacker Australia.

Do I need the Flyaway tool? Probably not. I’m in the camp where I’m fairly happy not to have a sleek blow-dry all that often, and if I want one I can achieve it myself without too much fuss.

In saying that, I am the kind of person that allows myself 15 minutes to get ready of a morning, and there have absolutely been times in the past where my hair could have done with a two minute tidy-up before I ran out the door – or to my zoom meeting.

For those instances, I will say that having a Flyaway tool on hand would be a godsend. Additionally, for straight or wavy-haired people who haven’t had the luxury of learning how to blow-dry their hair at home, this little baby does offer an incredibly easy means of recreating a similar effect with next to no effort.

Want to read a review for folks with curly hair? Check out this write up here.

You can check out the Dyson Flyaway tool, along with all the other available Supersonic hair dryer attachments on the website here.

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