Who Knew You Could Cut Broccoli Without It Going Everywhere

Who Knew You Could Cut Broccoli Without It Going Everywhere
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If there’s one thing we can thank TikTok for, it’s food hacks. The viral video platform has been an easy way for both professional chefs and home cooks to share their best cooking hacks. Well, we have a new one for you and it’s all about broccoli.

Broccoli is a staple vegetable in so many dishes, but boy does it make a mess when you’re preparing it. Thankfully, one Aussie cook has shared a tip that will help you prepare mess-free broccoli every time.

How to chop broccoli without making a mess

It’s a known fact that when you’re chopping a head of raw broccoli, particles tend to break off and go everywhere. It’s not a world-ending problem but it is definitely annoying.

Aussie TikToker Mon Mack (@monmackfood) has shared some tips for eliminating this problem that will give you clean cuts of broccoli every time you prepare it.


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The trick is as simple as sticking your head of broccoli in a cup or pan of boiling water for a few seconds.

After this, for some magic reason, the broccoli fragments stay together giving you a cleaner cut and a mess-free chopping board. You can then go ahead and cook your broccoli as normal.

Who knew it was as simple as adding some boiling water? I wish someone had told me this a good ten years ago.

The next question you may be asking is “what to do with the broccoli stem?” If you’re not planning on cooking it (which you definitely can), you could also try shredding it and adding it into a crunchy salad or turning them into noodles.

If you’re after some other TikTok hacks that may just change your life check out this article for the best way to peel ginger or the easiest way to remove an avocado seed (I swear by both of these now).

Until the next TikTok hack!

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