This Furniture Subscription Service Lets You Keep, Swap and Return Homewares

This Furniture Subscription Service Lets You Keep, Swap and Return Homewares
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Homewares shopping can be a bit of a mission. Half the time is spent deciding what you want and the other half is spent actually finding it. There’s no denying that shopping for homewares online is a far less stressful way of doing it (and for many, the only option right now, but then you run the risk of not actually liking the furniture once it arrives.

Mercifully, Breeze Furniture have considered all these factors, which is why their subscription service allows you to keep, swap and return homewares – including over 70+ pieces from West Elm, no less.

How does the furniture subscription service work?

It all sounds a little too good to be true, so we thought we’d explain it a little further before you take the plunge. There are basically four key steps you need to go through to get your desired pieces from over 70+ pieces from West Elm.

  1. Pick a plan the suits you
  2. Choose your favourite furniture
  3. Have them delivered and assembled
  4. Decide to swap, return or keep the item

If you decide to keep the item, you’ll pay it back in monthly instalments. Some furniture costs as little as $6 a month, while bigger ticket items like sofas can cost around $100. There’s plenty of different styles and aesthetics on offer so you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll suit your needs, and they recently launched a partnership with West Elm, which absolutely makes it a no-brainer.

When it comes to the plans, you’ve got two to choose from. A short-term option which is $12.95 a month plus furniture (3 month minimum), or a long-term option which is $8.95 a month plus furniture (12 month minimum). You can read more about the ins and outs of the plans here to decide which one is right for you.

There’s a lot to love about this furniture subscription service but one of its top selling points has to be the hassle-free delivery and assembly. No relationship has truly been tested until you’re standing over a half-made bed and yelling over the manual with a screwdriver. This service means none of that. You can just walk right up to your new sofa/bed/chair and plonk down smugly.

Our top furniture picks

Below we’ve laid out our favourite furniture picks but we get that everyone has their own style. Forgive us for pining over the new West Elm range!

breeze furniture subscription west elm

Slope Leather Office Chair

breeze furniture subscription

Alexis Sofa in Natural 

breeze furniture west elm furniture subscription

Gemini Desk

breeze furniture stagger lamp

Stagger Glass Floor Lamp

The Eva Mattress

breeze furniture subscription service

Phoebe Chair

You can peep the full range here if you’re keen to see what else they’re slinging as well.

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