7 Brain Teaser Puzzles That Will Sharpen Your Focus In Lockdown

7 Brain Teaser Puzzles That Will Sharpen Your Focus In Lockdown
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It’s time to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test. We’ve put together a selection of different brain teasers and puzzles that will really get those creative thinking juices going. From books explaining the science behind cryptic crosswords, to a Sherlock Holmes inspired puzzle and a jigsaw that only uses a single colour, these are bound to give your brain a good workout.

And, as an added bonus, none of these cost more than $40!

3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle ($23.95)

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If you’re a fan of 3D puzzles that test spatial awareness, this brain teaser definitely lives up to its namesake. Using the 54 individual pieces, you need to combine them in such a way that they create a perfect cube. That’s no leftover pieces, no empty holes and no parts sticking out.

It sounds pretty easy, but this brain teaser is a lot trickier than you think. If you’re someone who likes to take things slowly, putting things aside so you can take a break and reproach it with fresh eyes, this puzzle is a great choice.

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Rewording the Brain ($17.25)

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David Astle knows a thing or two about crosswords. After all, he’s responsible for making them for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. His latest non-fiction book, Rewording The Brain, is an interesting look into recent neural studies about how puzzle-solving (specifically cryptic crosswords) and wordplay are beneficial in helping to boost your brainpower and lower the chances of memory loss.

The second half of the book is dedicated to showing the reader how to crack even the trickiest cryptic crosswords. The book also includes 50 crosswords, so you can sharpen those puzzle-solving skills right away.

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Rubik’s Original 3×3 Cube ($18.99)

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You can’t really go wrong with a Rubik’s Cube. They’re an all-time classic puzzle, where the goal is to match the colours on all six of the cubes’ faces. The current record for fastest solve is 3.47 seconds, so you better start training.

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Rush Hour ($33)

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Image: Amazon

If you love a good board game, Rush Hour is a great game you can play by yourself or with others. The aim of this logic game is to successfully navigate the red car from the parking lot by moving around the other gridlocked vehicles. It sounds simple, but it can be anything but.

As a bonus, if you’ve been working from home recently and miss the daily routine of heading to your job, this is a fun reminder of the frustrating slog that is rush our traffic jams.

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Ravensburger’s KRYPT Black 736-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle ($27.95)

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How much more black could this puzzle be? The answer is none. None more black. Ravensburger’s KRYPT isn’t your average jigsaw puzzle. Every piece is the exact same shade of black, so putting it together is an extra challenge.

It’s a tricky jigsaw puzzle, where you really need to pay attention to the pieces that you’re laying down. There is pattern that can be followed, you just need to make sure you have the exact right piece.

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Great Minds: Aristotle’s Number Puzzle ($23.95)

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Inspired by the great philosopher Aristotle, the aim of this numerical puzzle is to have the numbers of each row add up to 38. No more, no less. If you enjoy a good mental workout — or are looking for something less tactile when it comes to putting together or taking apart a puzzle — this brain teaser will test you. There are multiple ways to solve this puzzle, so it’s bound to keep you challenged for a while.

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Professor Puzzle Grand MastersYuan Solitaire Brain Teaser, $36.43

Professor Puzzle Grand MastersYuan Solitaire Brain Teaser Puzzle
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If you’re not already familiar with the Grand MastersYuan Solitaire Brain Teaser, the aim is to remove every wooden ball from the board, except for the final one which must end up positioned in the middle hole. Comprised of circles – the board, the wooden balls, the holes in which they sit – this puzzle is inspired by the symbolic status that the circle holds in Chinese culture, where it represents wholeness and Eternity.

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