How Many of the Most Popular Netflix Titles Have You Watched?

How Many of the Most Popular Netflix Titles Have You Watched?
Image: Netflix

There’s so much content now it’s often hard to know what to watch on Netflix Australia, or if it’s worth your precious time. Unlike broadcast television, you can’t go to the ratings to find out how broadly liked a Netflix show is, so you just have to trust the trending column.

Netflix does occasionally release viewership numbers which are a good indicator of how many people are enjoying a show, however. The streaming giant’s latest quarterly earnings report has given plenty of insight into which movies and shows on Netflix came out on top in their first month of release.

These are the best new movies and shows that everyone is watching on Netflix, according to the numbers.

What to watch on Netflix Australia

Shadow and Bone

netflix streaming april shadow and bone
Image: Shadow and Bone/Netflix (Supplied)

We’ve said it once we’ll say it again – Shadow and Bone is one of the best shows on Netflix.

It’s one of the good young adult fantasy book adaptations from recent years and, according to Netflix’s numbers, over 55 million households agree. It’s already been renewed for a second season so head over to Netflix and catch up on it ASAP.

Watch it here.

Sweet Tooth

sweet tooth what to watch on netflix
Image: Netflix

Not all DC comics are Batman and Superman, you know? There’s also the beloved Sweet Tooth which was adapted into a Netflix series last month.

Sweet Tooth puts us in a post-apocalyptic world after a deadly virus (all too real) allows for mysterious animal-human hybrids to emerge. A young lovable hybrid by the name of Gus goes on a journey across this dangerous land after the death of his father and forms a bond with a new protector.

Over 60 million accounts checked out this show on Netflix, so you have it on good authority that Sweet Tooth is worth a shot.

Watch it here.

Too Hot To Handle

too hot to handle
Image: Netflix

The second season of the reality dating show Too Hot To Handle, which shows us what happens to a bunch of attractive people when sex is banned, gained a casual 29 million viewers in its first month.

This makes it one of the hottest (pun intended) unscripted shows on Netflix.

The Circle

the circle netflix series
Image: Netflix

The Circle racked up 14 million views for its second season in its first month.

The strange reality competition show takes online catfishing to a new level as a group of strangers are placed in separate rooms and can only communicate via a social media platform.

Watch it here.

Army of the Dead

army of the dead
Image: Netflix

If you put Zack Snyder and zombies together the armies will show up to watch it, and that’s exactly what they did for Army of the Dead.

The Netflix movies garnered 75 million views in its first four weeks, making it one hell of a good year for Zack Snyder. Be warned Army of the Dead isn’t quite as long as Snyder’s cut of Justice League, but it is just as wild.

Watch it here.

The Mitchells vs The Machines

mitchells vs the machines
Image: Netflix

The Mitchells vs The Machines might’ve flown under your radar, but it didn’t for 53 million other households.

You should really trust them because The Mitchells vs The Machines is an amazing animated film on Netflix. It comes from the minds of The Lego Movie creators and follows a family road trip that goes wrong when all the world’s electronic devices come to life and take over Earth.

It’s crazy and you’re gonna love it.

Watch it here.


lupin netflix
Image: Netflix

The second season of the french Netflix series Lupin broke the bank in the non-English category with 54 million initial views.

The series tells the story of Arsène Lupin, a famous gentleman and thief who sets out to avenge the death of his father.

Watch it here.


fatherhood what to watch on netflix
Image: Netflix

Kevin Hart may surprise you in the heartfelt comedy about a single father who must raise his young daughter after the death of his wife.

74 million households laughed and shed a tear over Fatherhood in its first month.

Watch it here.


elite netflix
Image: Netflix

Spanish teen thriller Elite continued to smash viewership in its fourth season with 37 million watches.

The story of three new students clashing with the wealthy popular teens in a private boarding school clearly had everyone on the edge of their seats for another season.

Watch it here.

These are the shows and movies that everyone was watching on Netflix this quarter but keep an eye out for new results in a few months time.

If you’re wondering what else to watch on Netflix Australia, check out which new titles earned Emmy Award nominations or see which movies and shows are deemed the best according to Rotten Tomatoes.

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