How to Make Bubble Tea at Home

How to Make Bubble Tea at Home
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For the many millions of us currently in lockdown, we’ve had a lot of time on our hands to experiment in the kitchen and create our own versions of the delicious dishes we would usually get outside of our homes. But one thing you’ve likely not yet tried to make at home is deliciously sweet bubble tea – am I right?

I’ve honestly never thought to whip up some bubble tea at home because it’s usually so readily available. But, being stuck at home right now, this is the perfect time to try it out.

Boba Barista has launched their brand new DIY Bubble Tea Kits, which feature 19 different flavours so that you can enjoy milky or fruity goodness all day, every day at home! Some of those flavours are: Premium Milk Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, Strawberry Fruit Tea, Lychee Fruit Tea, Green Apple Fruit Tea and Banana Milk Tea.

Boba Barista Bubble Tea kits
Boba Barista’s Premium Milk Bubble Tea Kit from $19.99

What is bubble tea?

Keen to try it but have no idea what it actually is? Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, where Boba Barista source the best ingredients for their DIY kits. Bubble tea is also known as boba tea, and, in its simplest form, it consists of black tea, milk, ice and chewy tapioca pearls, which are shaken together and served with those famous straws that can fit those giant tapioca pearls.

But it’s not always a milk-based drink. You can also have deliciously refreshing fruity versions, which might use flavoured syrup instead. You can also enjoy your delicious drink hot or cold, making it perfect year-round!

What comes with the bubble tea kits?

Boba Barista pearls
Boba Barista Pearls $9.90

The kits come with tea bags or powder, creamer or syrup, fructose (if you want it), tapioca pearls and flavoured jelly. Plus, the kits come in various sizes, starting from eight serves for just $19.95. Yep, that’s less than $3 per serve!

How do you make a Boba Barista bubble tea?

It couldn’t be easier to make your bubble tea. Once you’ve chosen your favourite flavours, all you need to do is add the toppings like the classic tapioca pearls, popping pearls and fruit jelly – plus, if you want extras, you can also nab your favourite toppings here. But, if you’re keen to experiment with your tea, Boba Barista has a bunch of recipes on their website that you can use if you want to be fancy.

If you want to make your bubble tea even more elite and you like being environmentally friendly, you may want to consider grabbing one of their reusable bubble tea cups, which come with a perfectly sized straw so you can suck up all the delicious pearls at the bottom of your tea!

Boba Barista cup
Boba Barista Tea Cup $24.95

Get your kit here and enjoy delicious bubble tea without leaving your home!

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